Normann Copenhagen Newborn Gift Box -Design for the new baby

by Scandinavian mum

Newborn Gift Box from Norman Copenhagen designed by Ole Søndergaard is the ultimate stylish gift to any newborn child. Available in red and blue this set compromising of a soft cotton onesie and a crafted wooden toy. Ole Søndergaard wrote the following in his diary:

Above me, in the distance can be heard the sound of the engine of a little sports plane. It is summer and the air is completely still. The sky is a brilliant blue and as always I am drawn when I see a plane in the sky. With an almost childlike joy I can permanently forget both time and place and soar up into the wide blue yonder.


That´s how Plane came about, designed in 2006. The extremely simplistc, minimalistic and symbolic approach to product design is a clear characteristic in all of Ole Søndergaard´s work.

The Plane can be used as decoration hanging from the ceiling, above the cradle, in your window or as a colorful toy. The Body is fitted for children 3 months of age, and should be washed in 40°C.

Do you have expecting relatives and friends? The Normann Copenhagen Newborn Gift Box recommended retail price is 350 SEK. However it’s on offer now for 199 SEK (approx. £20) at

Dala Horse – The Wooden Horses of Sweden

by Scandinavian mum

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in the Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horse was mostly used as a toy for children. Nowadays the Dala horse is not only a decorative home accessory but it has also become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden.
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The first Dala horse was made by wood workers when they were out in the forest working together with their horse. In front of the fireplace in the log cabin, they were made as toys for their children. The earliest references to wooden horses for sale are from 1623, by the 19th century the art of carving and painting the small horses flourished. Soon the Dala horses were traded in exchange for household goods with rural families depended on wood horse production to help keep food on the table.


Did you know that many early Dala horses were not painted at all? But in the beginning of the 19th century painting them in a single color, white or red, became common practice. According to a local tale, a painter came across one of these Dala horses in a farm he was decorating. When asked by one of the children why that horse was not as beautifully painted as the ones in the decorations, he painted the Dala horse in the same style. This tradition was then carried on in order to raise the market value of the Dala horses.
Today you’ll find the Dala Horse as a decorative item, printed on fabrics for the home, as jewellery and even on iPad cases. It must be one of the most popular symbols of Sweden. And it all came by in a log cabin, more than 400 years ago…

Picture from Nordingården Blog

Hoptimist Hopping collectable fun toys and a Danish Design classic

by Scandinavian mum

In 1968, Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich (1917-1984) started the production of Hoptimists. Ehrenreich began with the famous Birdies, but by 1969 Kvak and the classic Bimble and Bumble figures had been born as well.

The cute figures and the happiness-inducing design quickly spread throughout Denmark and far beyond. Ehrenreich has received many honours worldwide and today the Hoptimists are regarded as part of the extensive Danish Design family, from Kay Bojensen’s monkey to the PH lamp.


In 2009, the famous figures were relaunched by the company Hoptimist. It was the belief in the infectious joy of the Hoptimists that prompted the company to dust off the classic figures and show them to the world again. 


Hoptimist has developed the famous figures in new materials and given them new expressions whilst keeping true to the original design and spirit of Ehrenreich. Timeless and joyful quality toys. Made in Denmark –

Oscar, no ordinary dog

by Scandinavian mum

Oscar was designed in 1953 with the characteristic joy and care in Hans Bølling’s mind, and the little dog is a token of fun and playfulness. Oscar’s body can be arranged so that he does everything a normal dog would. He can sit, scrawl, stand, beg or even sulk in the corner if you have been away from him for too long.

Oscar is a design classic, well made with attention to the smallest detail. This is a collectable toy that for sure will make you happy -almost as happy as the companionship of a real dog.

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Circa, the circular calendar

by Scandinavian mum

Seen at the number one UK event for designer gifts, toys and accessories Top Drawer;
With round shapes and bright primary colours like yellow, blue and green this calendar is a lot more than a high quality wooden toy.

Grasping the concept of time, from what day it is to how the year is build up with weeks, months and even seasons can seem a bit difficult for a young child. This rotating and stack-able interactive toy makes it fun to explore and it makes it easy for parents to explain and visualise time, how many days is it to Saturday, what month is after this one, what season comes next or more importantly, how many days is it to the child’s next Birthday! The circular calendar Circa makes learning fun!

The inventor and founder grew up in Denmark and lives today with her family in London. Learning through playing is exactly the main emphasis of the nurseries in Scandinavia, up until the age of 6, and it even continues into school life. Combining this with great design and you’ll have an educational toy that not only gets praised by parents but also wins awards after awards.

The Circa circular calendar is recommended from the age of 3, with my daughter soon to be 7 still showing a great interest in it. Retail price £39.99 at Nordic Elements

Review of the Playsam black F1 Racer car

by Scandinavian mum

Playsam is one of the leading Scandinavian toy design companies. Designed by Ulf Hanses Playsam black F1 Racer car with four rubber wheels, red trim and a smooth, curved black body and measures 15cm x 11cm. Comes with a matching red driver with a black helmet. Presented in a black branded box which measures 16cm x 13cm x 9cm. Available £64 at

We think: First of all, again speedy delivery and well wrapped from Alex and Alexa. The toy is wrapped in a soft paper bag inside a high quality black gift box with the brand Playsam in silver all together making this the perfect present for occasions like babyshower, to the newborn as his very first precious toy or at the name day or christening.
The glossy colours red and black is just perfect for babies that seem to love high-contrast coloured toys, whilst their eye sight develops. The separate doll is perfect for the curious baby that wants to start exploring. The helmet is also removable.
Named an Excellent Swedish Design recipient, the Racer F1 flaunts a high-luster exterior and an aerodynamic body design -made for speed. An exclusive gift for racing fans around the world, this solid wooden race car gives a whole new feeling to the expression “vroom, vroom.” We think the Stig has finally met his match! theScandinavianDad will find it hard to let this go…

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