Normann Copenhagen Newborn Gift Box -Design for the new baby

Newborn Gift Box from Norman Copenhagen designed by Ole Søndergaard is the ultimate stylish gift to any newborn child. Available in red and blue this set compromising of a soft cotton onesie and a crafted wooden toy. Ole Søndergaard wrote the following in his diary:

Above me, in the distance can be heard the sound of the engine of a little sports plane. It is summer and the air is completely still. The sky is a brilliant blue and as always I am drawn when I see a plane in the sky. With an almost childlike joy I can permanently forget both time and place and soar up into the wide blue yonder.


That´s how Plane came about, designed in 2006. The extremely simplistc, minimalistic and symbolic approach to product design is a clear characteristic in all of Ole Søndergaard´s work.

The Plane can be used as decoration hanging from the ceiling, above the cradle, in your window or as a colorful toy. The Body is fitted for children 3 months of age, and should be washed in 40°C.

Do you have expecting relatives and friends? The Normann Copenhagen Newborn Gift Box recommended retail price is 350 SEK. However it’s on offer now for 199 SEK (approx. £20) at

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