Review of the award winning Fabrikators ergonomic toddler cutlery

Fabrikators, whose tagline is “ingenious yet simple”, has developed a set of ergonomic cutlery, specifically for toddlers. When the Danish design company wanted us to review their 3 piece toddler cutlery set we didn’t hesitate one moment, having heard so much positive feedback from others that have tried the award winning set. Also anything that supports the youngest family members dining experience is of great interest, as family meals are so important.

Our reviewer, MiniM aged 14 months got the reviewing task. He’s in the middle of refine his table skills, and he gets immensely proud when achieving eating independently. His mum has kindly shared their experience with us.

Josefine Bentzen is the Danish designer behind the ToddlerTable Collection. She is making innovative & functional flatware for children. All the pieces in the collection are ergonomically designed for small hands. The ToddlerTable cutlery is round and chubby. It fills up the palm of your little one, which gives them more control and prevents slipping out of greasy hands.


I’m amazed on how well the food sticks to the fork and spoon. He is a bit young to understand how to use the knife yet. But it’s incredible how confident M suddenly eats when he has a go with the fork. M is very much at the stage now where he wants to try feed himself, but currently with the cutlery we have at home its more food on him and on the floor then what he manage to get into his mouth. With the ToddlerTable cutlery the food is still on the fork even when he turns it up side down and it shape fits perfectly in his mouth!


So far we have successfully tried it with dinner, porridge, fruit and soup. I would say the soup was a bit challenging both for M and mum. It wasn’t very easy to hold in my hand as I am not used to small chucky feeding utensils. However the fork has excellent gripping tips which are not sharp to harm you child, but pierces the food easily. The deep, round shape of the fork and spoon prevents food from sliding of. The cutlery is non-slip coated in a range of beautiful vibrant colours.

Features are
:: Ergonomic design for easy grip
:: No BpA, Phthalates and PVC
:: Microwave & Dishwasher safe
:: Recommended ages: 6+ months

The collection includes matching bowls, plates and cups and comes in the bright, vibrant colours orange, blue, green and red and I have seen prices varied from £20 – £30 online.
I’m so grateful that I was introduced to this cutlery set that I will have to get one more!

Thank you to M and his mum for reviewing this product!

To find out more about the Toddler Cutlery Set and other ingenious designs by Fabrikators visit

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