World’s most beautiful stamp is from Norway

The Organizing Committee of the annual Nexofil Awards in Madrid has announced the winners of the ‘Best Stamp in the World’ competition for 2020. 

The competitions were judged by an international jury and the winners of ‘Best Stamp in the World’ are Norway, featuring a oil painting from 1903 by the Norwegian artist Harald Sohlberg.

The mining town of Røros is one of the most beautiful places in Norway with it’s 80 wooden houses, most of them standing around courtyards, giving the town a medieval appearance. The 3,700 inhabitants of Røros work and live in the characteristic 17th and 18th century buildings, creating a unique mountain settlement with exceptional cultural value, which has earned Røros a place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

«After the snowstorm, Lillegaten Røros 1903, owned by Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway.

The stamp is designed by Camilla Kvien Jensen for the Norwegian postal service, Posten Norge. It was published in 2019 to mark the 150th anniversary of Sohlbergs birth. utgitt i fjor i forbindelse med at det var 150 år siden maleren Sohlberg ble født

This is the second painting by Sohlberg to feature on s stamp.

The first, wildly recognised as Sohlbergs most famous painting, a fairytale moonlight flooded mountain landscape, was chosen for a Norwegian stamp in 1965.

Winter night in Rondane, 1914 in Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway.

The Norwegian postal service Posten Norge releases 25 new stamps annually, several that has won design awards internationally.

In 2018 Posten Norge won gold for a beautiful snow owl.

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