Visit the local market in a medieval mining town, Røros in Norway

The mining town of Røros is one of the most beautiful places in Norway with it’s 80 wooden houses, most of them standing around courtyards, giving the town a medieval appearance. The 3,700 inhabitants of Røros work and live in the characteristic 17th and 18th century buildings, creating a unique mountain settlement with exceptional cultural value, which has earned Røros a place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
Røros is known for it’s record cold winter temperatures, but as winters are cold and stable the skiing conditions are excellent with the period from February to April being the best, as the sun is higher and the days longer than earlier in winter.

Røros is also famous for it’s traditional market, Rørosmartnan, that attracts more than 70.000 visitors each year. The 159th market will take place 21th – 25th February 2012. The grand opening ceremony includes the arrival of equestrian equipages, marking the start of the five days traditional Nordic trading market with a wide range of goods offered at the stalls during the day, while a broad selection of dances and other cultural events ensures memorable atmosphere in the evening.
It’s 50 minutes by plane from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Røros Airport. See more at

To blend in with the locals you should consider to rent a Kick-sled. £5 a day from Røros Tourist office.

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