As We Grow, a sustainable story from Iceland.

On my recent trip to Copenhagen I was very excited over discovering a new children’s wear brand from Iceland, featuring knits in Alpaca wool for baby and children up to 4 years. The brand As We Grow is inspired by a true story;

Carolyn in Amsterdam had this sweater for her son Julian in 2003. Then she passed it on to her friend Tinna on Iceland, for her son Tryggvi. It was then handed down to Isafold. In the winter of 2006 it got lost but reappeared in the spring, when the snow melted… After a wash it was back on as Isafold’s favourite sweater. Sadly outgrown by 2008 it was handed down to Markus who used it almost daily until it was given to Kjartan Ragnar his cousin. (I believe Kjartan Ragnar is the beautiful blonde boy in the photos.) And well done if you managed to follow this knitted sweater’s journey!

After 9 years 5 different owners the sweater is today one of the favourite garments of little Kjartan Ragnar living in Iceland. Carolyn’s son Julian, the original owner is now 14 years old and lives in New York. The sweater, still warm and beautiful, and its story has been the main inspiration for As We Grow sustainable collection of warm and comfortable children’s clothes.

3 thoughts on “As We Grow, a sustainable story from Iceland.

  1. These are beautiful!! I’m always on the lookout for quality wool for my son. I would love to get my hands on some of these pieces. Any idea where I can buy these alpaca sweaters?

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