Review of the Playsam black F1 Racer car

Playsam is one of the leading Scandinavian toy design companies. Designed by Ulf Hanses Playsam black F1 Racer car with four rubber wheels, red trim and a smooth, curved black body and measures 15cm x 11cm. Comes with a matching red driver with a black helmet. Presented in a black branded box which measures 16cm x 13cm x 9cm. Available £64 at

We think: First of all, again speedy delivery and well wrapped from Alex and Alexa. The toy is wrapped in a soft paper bag inside a high quality black gift box with the brand Playsam in silver all together making this the perfect present for occasions like babyshower, to the newborn as his very first precious toy or at the name day or christening.
The glossy colours red and black is just perfect for babies that seem to love high-contrast coloured toys, whilst their eye sight develops. The separate doll is perfect for the curious baby that wants to start exploring. The helmet is also removable.
Named an Excellent Swedish Design recipient, the Racer F1 flaunts a high-luster exterior and an aerodynamic body design -made for speed. An exclusive gift for racing fans around the world, this solid wooden race car gives a whole new feeling to the expression “vroom, vroom.” We think the Stig has finally met his match! theScandinavianDad will find it hard to let this go…

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15 thoughts on “Review of the Playsam black F1 Racer car

  1. Wow, what a nice race car! And the wrapping… First thing I thought was of a nice jewelry box. I wonder if it would have the same effect for a little boy when opening this box. I’m sure it would, as this little car is as shiny as a sparkling diamond 🙂 What a great find!

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