Best of the New Ikea 2012 catalogue

Foldable, stackable, affordable -beautiful -It’s out! The NEW Ikea catalogue 2012 is out! For fans of the Swedish furniture design house every new catalog is like a proper treat as Ikea’s designs are functional, stylish and most importantly reasonable.

This year the emphasis is on maximising small homes, get more into it and more out of it. It’s all about clever use of space and furniture that multitasks. No need to throw anything away as Ikea has storage systems for the tiniest and most hidden part of your home. It’s 374 pages of sustainable living.
We love visiting our local London store to admire the tastefully put-together set-ups, to visit all the pretend homes and most importantly indulge in the yummy Swedish meatballs. By the way, did you know that in Scandinavia we eat them with steamed potatoes, not french fries? Try it next time! Anyway, we had a look through the catalogue, and this is what caught our eye… The best of Ikea 2012 for the children.

For the nursery we think the handmade Byholma armchair would make the perfect nursing chair with it’s rounded and soft shapes and reasonable price. The adjustable Hensvik cot shows us that you don’t have to rob the bank to get your hands on a Scandinavian Designer cot.

BYHOLMA armchair £79
HENSVIK cot £59.99

Children’s Ikea isn’t only about extendable beds and fun lighting. They also have a great selection of educational toys perfect for role play in addition to more practical things for eating, sleeping, bathing etc. We love the simple stuff, like the three small soft mouses in white, grey and brown. Given to us as a present many years ago they are still with us. The girls plays with them all the time. They are soft to touch and small enough to go in your pocket. So excellent to bring on trips. We also love the Ikea Junior Kitchen unit. We visited some friends in Oslo this summer, and their 2 year old was cooking all day long on hers. Last but not least, the blackboard, the Måla easel. They never grow tired of it! Only remember to take some pictures now and then of their precious artwork before its wiped out.
GOSIG mus soft toy -perfect for role play! In brown/white/grey £0.99 each
DUKTIG Mini-kitchen £89.99
MÅLA easel £15.99

Most children are back to school and homework is back on the agenda. An inviting workspace will probably help getting started on both spelling and maths.
We think the tween and teen girl would love the Isala laptop table and the whole set-up as shown in the left picture. Fabrics, shelving units, pictures and light all create a private and cosy atmosphere for the older girl. We also think that roses are beautiful and that a grown up girl would appreciate the nostalgic romantic style in her room.
New ISALA laptop table £149
EMELINA knopp bedlinen 3 pcs £10.99

For the young man in the house this clean and functional style might be exactly what he wants. The desk is available in three colours; white, white and orange (as seen in picture below) and our favourite white and birch.
Beat the price: Shelf, desk, chair and lamp £116.47 (page 254)

Did you know that the Ikea catalogue is the worlds most read commercial print? Haven’t received a copy in the mailbox yet?
No worries, as you can view the Ikea 2012 catalogue online.

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