Blog of the week, dark but beautiful from Finland

Blog of the week: Road Trip In Finland
About: There are Behind the blog that was launched early 2011 there are two passionate decorator and professional bloggers in their thirties: Mirja Karjula and Riikka Kantinkoski. Mirja is a professional in interior designing. Besides home interior designing she has experience from designing visuals and displays for different stores and advertisement catalogues. She is originally from Helsinki, but lives in the countryside in an old grammar school now in Northern Finland. There is a flock of animals, never ending renovation, five kids(!) and a husband sweetening her everyday life.
Riikka has been working as a photographer in a Finnish magazine publishing company for ten years now. Her desire for interior designing has come through work. She enjoys photographing homes, food and fashion. Free time goes by renovating, spending time with three kids as well as gobbling all the new decoration and lifestyle magazines.

Why we like: This is a blog that shows the beauty of Finland and Scandinavia through children’s fashion and Scandinavian interior design. If you are interested in Scandinavian functionalism and retro modern, this is the blog for you.
Both photos and text are all about slow life and living in a rather arty way; “A lonely tiger. I like tigers. I like loneliness too. I like the peace what I get when I´m alone.” Scandinavia, and perhaps in particular Finland, can be a bit dark. But dark in a beautiful way, in the exact way like this inspirational blog shares with us. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Blog of the week, dark but beautiful from Finland

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this.
    As a new-to-blogging mother of five living in the usually dim Scotland, I really resonate with what I’ve seen in this post so far!
    Looking forward to trawling through the posts.

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