Oscar, no ordinary dog

Oscar was designed in 1953 with the characteristic joy and care in Hans Bølling’s mind, and the little dog is a token of fun and playfulness. Oscar’s body can be arranged so that he does everything a normal dog would. He can sit, scrawl, stand, beg or even sulk in the corner if you have been away from him for too long.

Oscar is a design classic, well made with attention to the smallest detail. This is a collectable toy that for sure will make you happy -almost as happy as the companionship of a real dog.

© Architect Made

Designed by Hans Bølling and made by Architect Made, a company also known for producing other Bølling collectable design classic wooden toys like the Duck and the Duckling and the Optimist and the Pessimist.
“Oscar completely embodies fun and playfulness of real life animals, while showing that at the same time modern design can also be fun, playful, soulful and can retain the highest level of craftsmanship.” comments Morten T.Jensen, the CEO of Architect Made. Oscar is 14cm tall and made out of beech and leather. Price £75.00 from The Lollipop Shoppe

One thought on “Oscar, no ordinary dog

  1. Awww Oscar is so cute!  Don’t think you would find many Wooden toys like that these days…

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