Circa, the circular calendar

Seen at the number one UK event for designer gifts, toys and accessories Top Drawer;
With round shapes and bright primary colours like yellow, blue and green this calendar is a lot more than a high quality wooden toy.

Grasping the concept of time, from what day it is to how the year is build up with weeks, months and even seasons can seem a bit difficult for a young child. This rotating and stack-able interactive toy makes it fun to explore and it makes it easy for parents to explain and visualise time, how many days is it to Saturday, what month is after this one, what season comes next or more importantly, how many days is it to the child’s next Birthday! The circular calendar Circa makes learning fun!

The inventor and founder grew up in Denmark and lives today with her family in London. Learning through playing is exactly the main emphasis of the nurseries in Scandinavia, up until the age of 6, and it even continues into school life. Combining this with great design and you’ll have an educational toy that not only gets praised by parents but also wins awards after awards.

The Circa circular calendar is recommended from the age of 3, with my daughter soon to be 7 still showing a great interest in it. Retail price £39.99 at Nordic Elements

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