Re-Kånken backpack Fjällräven take Sustainable Design one step further

by Scandinavian mum

Superb quality to make it long lasting and sustainable is no longer enough… The new Re-Kånken has been launched, made from one single yarn of recycled plastic bottles. Spin dyed to use less water, energy and chemicals. Ready to be used, travelled and loved. And in the distant future recycled again.

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Lobilo, eco friendly children’s clothing for AW13

by Scandinavian mum

Anna Nordqvist, the designer of Lobilo, emailed some photos she wanted to share with us, from her coming Autumn Winter 2013 collection. Anna has originally an artistic background, something that’s evident in her limited edition collections where she’s focusing on prints like little angel wings, soft feathers and so on.
It’s all about “Play, love and a lot of fantasy is the meaning of childhood and also the meaning of Lobilos clothes.”

lobilo 355web

lobilo 718 web--

plocka fjÑdrarweb

lobilo 430web

Along with the photos, Anna included this lyric (my mums favourite song by Cindy Lauper in the 80’s)

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a Rainbow

Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly

Children’s clothing brand Lobilo was founded by the designer Anna Nordqvist in 2009. The company is based in Enskida, just south of Stockholm in Sweden.
Lobilo is available from several online shops around the world. Soon to launch is also a online shop at

Concious H&M with recycling initiative

by Scandinavian mum

From February 2013 H&M are setting up recycling statitions in selected H&M stores worldwide. Used clothes can be handed in and each bag of secondhand clothes will be rewarded with a 10% discount voucher in return, valid for one item.

The clothes will be recycled by H&M partner, I:Co. Nearly 150 million tons of shoes and clothing are sold worldwide every year. Today, only a small percentage of that is reintroduced into the production cycle as reclaimed and renewed materials.The planet suffers from mass production and mass consumption of textiles. I:CO and its partners are leading the change by facilitating the re purposing and recycling of used clothing.

So can the world’s second largest clothing retailer remake itself as a greener option?
“H&M has definitely got better,” admits industry expert and CEO of Clothesource, Mike Flanagan. “From some presposterous moments in the recent past they have moved to being in a small clutch of four or five brands, including Nike and Gap, who believe that they have no alternative but to be as good as possible at sustainability. It’s a marked change.” See the full article, Is H&M the new home of ethical fashion? in the Guardian.

Enter todays Advent Calendar competition where you can win organic children’s clothes here

Bonkeli -eco friendly clouds from Sweden to the UK

by Scandinavian mum

Bonkeli, a family run design company based in Sweden, is offering a limited edition range of clothes for kids with a collection of t shirts and baby accessories made entirely out of compostable materials, the clothes being certified as Cradle-to-Cradle.
The Cradle-to-Cradle design concept is based upon the idea of making products that fit into the life-cycle of nature. By using only bio-degradable materials like cotton and wool, no poisonous waste materials are produced.
The print on the baby clothes are sweet but we simply adore the Cloud shirt as shown in the picture, with lovely playful design in simple colours made of the softest organic cotton.

We are very much looking forward to be following the work of Hanna och Jeppe Larsen, both within fashion design and new ways of protecting our environment.

The baby line is available in the UK at the charity concept online store Big Blue Cuddle, a store that offers a whole new concept where designers offers their surplus stock to Big Blue Cuddle, you can purchase the clothes for recommended retail price and then up to 50% off the price will be donated to a charity, chosen by you. easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

Naty and Nature Babycare with new clothing range

by Scandinavian mum

Naty is a small entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother and a champion of environmental causes.
The Swedish based company provides environmentally aware parents organic options in personal care products with their Nature Babycare range.

Find out more about Nature Babycare and clothing by Naty at

New this year is a clothing range in organic cotton and wool. -And they are showcasing their very first collection at Bubble London this January!
We are very much looking forward to have a closer look (and feel) of the garments by Naty in utterly pure materials.

Watch this space.

Find out more about Bubble London by visiting
or see other Scandinavian exhibitors that will be showcasing their very latest collection in London this month.
Photo: Naty

3rd of December, winner of lunch kit from My Friendly Lunchbox

by Scandinavian mum

Thank you to all for participating and all your lovely comments.

The winner of 3d of December and a Waste Free Lunch Kit by Kids Konserve from My Friendly Lunch Box is *riikka*! Congratulations!

Will you please forward your full name and address + choice of colour to us on:
and one eco friendly Lunch Kit by Kids Konserve from My Friendly Lunch Box will be on it’s way to you!

The Kids Konserve Waste Free Lunch Kit from My Friendly Lunch Box consists of:
One insulated lunch sack
Insulated lunch sack made of recycled material with adjustable strap and inside pocket. Stack your food upright inside the insulated sack, so your food doesn’t end upside down. Fits nicely into a backpack. BPA, Lead and Phthalate free.

Two round stainless steel food containers
Two leak-proof medium sized containers made of stainless steel with recyclable plastic lids that are the perfect for packing any kind of food.

One food kozy
Wrap sandwiches, bagels, tortilla roll-ups or whatever you want to wrap up and take along. It also doubles as an “on the go” place mat! Food Kozies make perfect refrigerator storage as well! Wrap up blocks of cheese, deli meats, cut cucumber or anything else you used to put in plastic wrap or foil. Easy to wash, just rinse/wash in the sink and air dry in minutes.

Little Scandinavian thinks this lunch kit is a brilliant idea and a must have for all families. And Anne from My Friendly Lunch Box is such a lovely person offering all customers personal advice and service.

To see more environment friendly lunch kits and recipes for a healthy lunch visit My Friendly Lunch Box.

Photo: My Friendly Lunch Box