Simplicity, comfort and eco-friendly; well done, LUDD!

LUDD is a Swedish-Spanish company creating exclusive, ethical, ecological basics for your child (0-3years). Design of Sweden, made in the EU.

Choosing LUDD is choosing quality, basics and a brand full of meaning as the company itself adhere to a strict code of values:

– Using fair-trade 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dye and printing.
– All materials are quality certified and chosen to protect the baby’s health and the environment.

However LUDD’s main priority is providing your child with comfortable clothes. And it’s indeed so utterly comfy and well made that you would wish they came in your size too!

And LUDD knows how to tick all the right boxes;
All packaging is made from recycled material and is designed to be re-utilised. It contains no elements other than the container itself, making it easy to remove the label without any wastage, while the LUDD brand is not printed on the container itself. If we re-use the container, there is zero wastage. And with the practical lid I know that this box definitely will come in handy in this house!

Picture (top left) shows the long sleeved t-shirt Amsterdam with v-neck. Price £20.
The ultra trendy design packaging truly complete the high quality garment so well -making this the perfect gift to any eco-conscious fashion tot! Check out

Photos: theScandinavianMum, all rights reserved

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