Smörgåstårtans Day 13th of November

A smörgåstårta is a very Swedish thing. It’s a savory layered sandwich cake, usually served for a festive occasion. Did you know, today is Smörgåstårtans Day?

traditionally made by layering white bread with egg and mayonnaise often as the base. The additional filling may vary greatly.

Originating from the post war era around the 1940, the ‘smörgåstårta’ is served cold and cut like a dessert cake. It’s meant to be shared thus giving a feeling of togetherness. The types of sandwich cakes vary from meat, fish, combinations of cheeses and meats, to vegan. The top garnish often reflects the ingredients used as a filling.

Michael Krantz has created sandwich cake wonder, a replica of the Swedish prinsesstårta (princess cake), found on the recipe website Although the swedes prefer a glass of bubbly or coffee, this cucumber and creme cheese version of the layered cake would most likely be really nice accompanied with tea.

This unusual and beautiful ‘Smörgåstårta’ is a vegetarian option, with a creme fraiche and greek yoghurt mix, figs, walnuts and honey. Recipe by Karin Ström and Lina Eidenberg Adamo. Photo by Lina Eidenberg Adamo.

Who would have thought this is a ‘Smörgåstårta’!? Made by the Stockholm based bakery,

Egg and avocado together with lots of fruit and veg ‘Smörgåstårta’with recipe on looks really tasty.

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