Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon for Christmas 2018

It won’t be Christmas without and the best smoked salmon for your Christmas canapés is undoubtedly from the London based Norwegian smokehouse, Hansen & Lydersen. Read on to find out more and to get your access code.

The small artisan smokery Hansen & Lydersen in Stoke Newington offers the very best smoked salmon, straight out of the kiln. From the deep orange colour to the delicious buttery flavour, this handmade product offers the full experience, from the salty, firm tail, to the mild, buttery upper-middle part of the fish.

Serving suggestions include whipped crème fraîche and reduced cranberries or more rustic, in thick slices on wood plates with fresh berries or clementine boats on the side. And did you think white wine was the only suitable wine pairing? Chief salmon smoker and founder, Ole recommends enjoying his smoked salmon best amongst generous glasses filled with a Vermentino or high mineral red wine – or simply together with your favourite champagne.

Would you like a small sneak peek into Ole’s business and the smokery? Have a look at Krug Champagne below.

If you would like to treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas, don’t delay placing your order. Email me to get the access code to this by-invitation-only limited production – post@littlescandinavian.com

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