Scandinavian Style Advent Calendars for 2018

Christmas is suddenly all around us, from foods, gift and decorations in stores to Christmas lights bringing some magic to the streets. With the 1st of December fast approaching I thought I would share some of the beautiful new Advent Calendars, that I have discovered this season.

A year ago I blogged about the 12 best last minute advent calendars to buy, some which are still available online. We also shared some DIY Advent Calendars – for crafty parents.

In this round up I have gathered a small favourite selection of this years Gift Advent Calendars, to help countdown to Christmas. Small pockets or boxes are to be filled with sweet words, poems, activities or little treasures.

Most of the calendars included here are reusable, some duplicates as playful toys and some are even so decorative you would want to leave it out for long after Christmas has passed. So without further ado…

‘Christmas In Copenhagen’ Advent Calendar by Fabelab are sure to bring some hygge to you this festive season. Fill the pockets with little goodies, and each day as you take a pocket down, turn it inside out and start to build a colourful miniature Christmas village. This sweet calendar comes with sweet stories and poems to share, one for each day through the the Christmas season with. DKK629 from

A Scandinavian tradition is the advent calendar with a small gift on all the four Sundays of Advent. This canvas house has golden embroideries and four pockets for the treats. Ferm also do have one calendar with 24 little pockets. But we quite like this one, a bit more frugal and perhaps even more special. To open on the day we also light our Advent Candle? This stylish calendar is available in three different colours, Dark Green, Off-White and Rose. £49 from

Make the wait for Christmas more fun by filling the gift boxes with small presents and giving them away as a personal advent calendar. New this year, VINTER 2018 Advent calendar, set of 25, £8 from Ikea.

Looking back, I found this blog post ‘Sweet Advent Calendars and Calendar Gift Ideas ‘ with me saying that we would make the Reindeer Calendar. Infact we ended up making the Christmas tree, with the fabric that I had listet above. You can see the result our homemade Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (that I am longing to take out!) and learn how you can make one too, step by step. Would love to know your Advent traditions, and if you will be getting your little ones and Advent Calendar this year. Please share, by leaving a comment below!

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