Scandinavian Advent Calendars and Inspiration for 24 Calendar Gifts

From hand and home made reindeer advent calendars to gorgeous and multifunctional gift calendars, like the popular pixy house Advent Calendar. Regardless of which one you choose, if you haven’t already started gathering tons of tiny gifts, let alone create the calendar, then this might be a good time to start.

Christmas is only 2 months away, so start with both Advent Calendar and the 24 gifts -one to each child, if you are feeling brave. I’ve told you this before, but as a child I had to share one Calendar with my 3 sisters, and got to open every 4th day, knowing that it would be another Seigmann inside. It was still a treat in all aspects, of which i have fond memories of still to this day. The Advent Calendar, hand sewn by my mother hangs at my sisters house now, with her two girls enjoying it.

So, if you are in need of some Advent Calendar inspiration, of course with a Nordic flair to it -look no further!

We love the combination of owls, branches and fairy lights!
© Kvardagslykke

Same idea as above, with paper bags and branches, but with a slightly more minimalistic design.
© Third Floor Design Studio

I actually love this! The IKEA Vinter 2014 fabric -for a bargain price. Decorate your Christmas tree with 24 little gifts. You can hang it on a branch, stretch it over a wooden frame and decorate with small gift bags, roomy bulbs or in any way you want, to suit your home decor. More ideas to be discovered on the website Apartment Therapy.
© Ikea

This beautiful Advent Calendar by Danish brand Fabelab, compromises 24 pockets to hang in a string. After finding the gift inside the pocket, there is another surprise waiting for your little one! Turn the pockets inside out and discover a little character or part of a landscape! We love multifunctional products!
© Fabelab

This Reindeer Advent Calendar is probably what we’ll end up making. I’ll keep you updated how my husband will get on, as it’s his project.

So for the Advent Calendar gifts…

This is what I used to get, one every 4th day up until Christmas. Although a sweet treat perhaps is not advised by your dentist. What we’ve done in the past is to keep these sweet treats to Saturdays, even in the Advent Calendar.
If you are on a Sugar Stop mission, look below for further ideas.

A brick a day! Buy Lego bricks -or sets and break them up so it makes 24 gifts.
© Lego Architecture

Because they can never have too many books. Floris books have a great selection for the run up to the holidays.

We have a tradition in our family, on the 23rd of December there is a Christmas decoration hiding in the gift bag, something new and dashing every year. So by the time they move out both girls will have a small box of Christmas decoration that they can take with them, collected throughout the years since they were babies.
© Jette Frölich

And on the 24th of December, the day we Scandinavians celebrate our Christmas, the children are given a ‘Julehefte’ a comics, to keep pass time, before the evening, the Christmas dinner followed by, finally, the visit from Father Christmas and opening of the Christmas presents.

What Advent Calendar will you be having this year and do you have any ideas on Advent Calendar gifts you’d like to share with us? Please share by commenting below!

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