The Kähler Craze from Scandinavia is coming to the UK

It’s highly contagious, the Kähler Craze! The monochrome striped black and white vase, are overflowing Instagram and Blogs in Scandinavia at the moment. No Scandinavian minimalistic, all white home are complete without a piece of Kähler Design.


We were introduced to the popular Kähler Omaggio series, designed by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, by a Scandinavian pr agent, with the Omaggio Mini vase. Then recently I was fortunate to win a large Kähler Omaggio at a pr event for the London based Danish eyewear specialist and optician -and our Omaggio Mini had suddenly got a big brother. And seeing the pair, at home on our table, I can easily picture we’d grow the family even further… Such a pleasing design, hand painted in the workshop in Denmark.


The story about Kähler began in 1839, when the Holstein potter Herman J. Kähler opened a small ceramics workshop in the city of Næstved. However, it was not until his son, Herman A. Kähler, took over the workshop in 1875 that the ceramics adventure gathered speed. With production of international art ceramics, the groundwork was laid for one of the greatest successes in Danish ceramics history.

Today Kähler is an internationally acclaimed ceramic workshop with a strong artistic inheritance, functioning as a hub for design talents, with the ambition to bring art to the people.


Want to see more? Head to Instagram and tap in #kähler or visit to ad a must have Scandinavian element to your home!

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