Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in Jersey City

by Scandinavian mum

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Another Man’s Tresure is a vintage store in Jersey City selling all things vintage from men’s and woman’s clothing to jewelry, shoes, accessories, books, records, housewares, bric-a-brac and children’s clothing and toys. Expect fine examples of fashion, in particular from the era of the 60s through to 80s.

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Children’s vintage and design furniture and toys

by Scandinavian mum

Looking for a true design item for your child’s bedroom, unique vintage or contemporary classics? Molly-Meg’s vintage kids furniture gallery displays a collection of classics from the 1950s to the present, sourced from all over the world. Occasionally we’ve also seen a few Scandinavian classics, Danish contemporary design furniture in children’s sizes.
It’s like visiting flea markets all over Europe at the same time finding that exact piece you were searching for, only without having to travel and to search through stacks of not so desirable items before hitting gold!
Molly-Meg says: By offering a carefully selected range of “Miniature classics” for children by leading designers, our aim is to show that good design is not just for adults. Taste and style can appeal to every age and blend seamlessly into any home.
If you’re looking for a true design item for your child’s bedroom, that very special stand out piece for a personal touch, all pieces are unique and comes with a history, can be found in the UK based online children’s vintage and design furniture shop

Child's Pine Cubist chair £55
Vintage Swan Rocker £98
Casalino Junior 1970' chair £100

Epla arts and crafts online marked

by Scandinavian mum

Like a proper old fashioned marked with lots of individual stalls, where local craftsmen display and sell their gods, Norwegian online site Epla is the viritual version of this.
Founded late 2009 the online marked is already well known within Norway and Scandinavia. It seems like high quality homemade products, often made of recycled materials, are increasingly popular. And I’m amazed how many people who are back to their roots in front of the sewing machine or with knitting pins in their hands!

Have a look at “Barn og Baby” to see unique clothes, accessories, toys and furniture for your little one.

Pic 1 shows a top and trousers set by BraWo Design, made off 100% recycled fabrics. (In this case old curtains!) £50
Pic 2 shows retro wallstickers by Snuffle £52
Pic 3 shows the Maja retro dress made of recycled fabrics and buttons. Choose between a variety of colours and patterns as you can have this simple apron dress made to order. £28


Retro baby blanket

by Scandinavian mum

This beautiful summery quilted baby blanket is designed and handmade in Sweden. It consist of several retro fabrics quilted together at the front, a inner batting fabric in the middle and a soft fleece fabric on the back to ensure a warm luxurious feel. Blanket as shown is 60 x 70 cm, suitable to use in the buggy or in a cot. Blankets like this could add just that litle personal touch to your buggy and your child would probably never part with it!

Visit Krimskram to see more colours and combinations or to order a your customized quilt. Price from £32.

Marmar Copenhagen discreet and utterly irresistible

by Scandinavian mum

As one of the former head designers at well known label Mini A Ture danish designer Marlene Anine Holmboe had all the expertise and experience to start her own brand, Marmar Copenhagen, summer 2008.
With a goal to achieve toned down elegance for children, where romantic appearance and sharp graphic prints are the contrasts the label strives to offer a window into a world of fashion for little people that creates its own subtle style statement.

With detailing restricted to only the most important elements and muted colour tones, it can almost come as a surprise to find an eye-catching twist in their collection. MarMar Copenhagen is contrasting mix of contemporary functionalism and classic vintage.

Available at and

Photo: MarMar Copenhagen SS10

Retro design from Little Duckling

by Scandinavian mum

Up and coming brand Little Duckling had another brilliant stand at Bubble showing their Spring Summer 2011 collection. Their stand clearly stood out with their colllection in primary colours such as red and blue, some items with a strong graphic print. All themed up with vintage furniture and toys to create a complete feeling.

A very charming danish designer is behind this London based brand. There are two limited unique collections a year which are all produced to a very high standard. Spring Summer 2010 shown below, clearly 70′ retro and unbelievable sweet.