Epla arts and crafts online marked

Like a proper old fashioned marked with lots of individual stalls, where local craftsmen display and sell their gods, Norwegian online site Epla is the viritual version of this.
Founded late 2009 the online marked is already well known within Norway and Scandinavia. It seems like high quality homemade products, often made of recycled materials, are increasingly popular. And I’m amazed how many people who are back to their roots in front of the sewing machine or with knitting pins in their hands!

Have a look at “Barn og Baby” to see unique clothes, accessories, toys and furniture for your little one.

Pic 1 shows a top and trousers set by BraWo Design, made off 100% recycled fabrics. (In this case old curtains!) £50
Pic 2 shows retro wallstickers by Snuffle £52
Pic 3 shows the Maja retro dress made of recycled fabrics and buttons. Choose between a variety of colours and patterns as you can have this simple apron dress made to order. £28

Visit www.epla.no

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