Children’s vintage and design furniture and toys

Looking for a true design item for your child’s bedroom, unique vintage or contemporary classics? Molly-Meg’s vintage kids furniture gallery displays a collection of classics from the 1950s to the present, sourced from all over the world. Occasionally we’ve also seen a few Scandinavian classics, Danish contemporary design furniture in children’s sizes.
It’s like visiting flea markets all over Europe at the same time finding that exact piece you were searching for, only without having to travel and to search through stacks of not so desirable items before hitting gold!
Molly-Meg says: By offering a carefully selected range of “Miniature classics” for children by leading designers, our aim is to show that good design is not just for adults. Taste and style can appeal to every age and blend seamlessly into any home.
If you’re looking for a true design item for your child’s bedroom, that very special stand out piece for a personal touch, all pieces are unique and comes with a history, can be found in the UK based online children’s vintage and design furniture shop

Child's Pine Cubist chair £55
Vintage Swan Rocker £98
Casalino Junior 1970' chair £100

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