Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in Jersey City

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Another Man’s Tresure is a vintage store in Jersey City selling all things vintage from men’s and woman’s clothing to jewelry, shoes, accessories, books, records, housewares, bric-a-brac and children’s clothing and toys. Expect fine examples of fashion, in particular from the era of the 60s through to 80s.

This is a clean, well displayed, chic, nice quality vintage and antique store, located only minutes away of busy Manhattan, on Jersey City. You can hop on the boat, ‘the New York’ Waterway to Paulus Hook in Jersey. Or even easier, take the train (they call it ‘Path’) direct from the World Trade Centre only two stops, to Grover Street Station. Another Man’s Treasure is located next to the Town Hall, in 195 Montgomery St, Jersey City.

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Another Man’s Treasure used to be even nearer to Grover Street, but had to relocate as they needed larger space for all the stock. With the new bright open space the store is inviting and a must visit when in the area!

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The main store is set on the ground floor, decoratively displaying a highly curated stock of vintage finds. There’s no dust or attic scent at all. A staircase leads from the ground floor up to the mezzanine, a quaint boutique style private room, displaying high end designers, including some of the most influential european fashion houses. The good selection is probably why this store is regularly visited by stylists as well as collectors.

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The shop assistant we spoke with was super helpful, personal and made the shopping experience even moe special. We left the store with a 60s wine red baseball jacket for Miss A and a super cool 80s nautical sweater by NY designer Bonnie Boerer for Miss B. Miss B also picked up a 70s boho blouse featuring flower embroidery – similar only more authentic than those you get in leading high street stores. I had my eyes on an evening top by Valentino. But left it behind – so I have a very good excuse to go again!

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