Scandinavian Christmas Cookies and ‘Pepperkakeverksted’

Norwegian ‘Kransekake’. Image source: Scandinavian Christmas cookies are lovingly baked together with family and friends in the run up to Christmas. In Norway you’ll be offered ‘Sirupssnipper’ and ‘Serinakaker’. In Sweden there’s sweet treats in the shape of ‘Rönnskärsformar’ og ‘Sätoftakakor’, where as Denmark proudly presents their ‘Klejner’ and ‘Brunkager’.

Our best recipe for Scandinavian Mulled Wine, ‘Gløgg’

The Scandinavian mulled wine, ‘julegløgg’ has longstanding traditions in Scandinavia. It’s made with red wine, aquavit and madeira, but this can easily be replaced with a blackcurrant cordial for a non alcohol option. It’s the spices which are important! The Swedish King Gustav Vasa had his own recipe in the 15th century, not too dissimilar …