Scandinavian Christmas Cookies and ‘Pepperkakeverksted’

Norwegian ‘Kransekake’. Image source:
Scandinavian Christmas cookies are lovingly baked together with family and friends in the run up to Christmas. In Norway you’ll be offered ‘Sirupssnipper’ and ‘Serinakaker’. In Sweden there’s sweet treats in the shape of ‘Rönnskärsformar’ og ‘Sätoftakakor’, where as Denmark proudly presents their ‘Klejner’ and ‘Brunkager’.

Recipes for Scandinavian Christmas cookies would be very hard to share as not only each country and region but also each family have their own. Norwegian also have this funny bushiness with baking at least seven different kinds of christmas cookies, anything less would in the olden days be regarded as embarrassing. A few of the cakes are quite decorative too, such as the ‘Kransekake’, a cake shaped as rings, layered and coated with icing.

Among the more common Christmas cookies is the gingerbread man which not only comes in the well known shape as a ‘gingerbread man” but in a variety of shapes related to the Scandinavian Christmas celebration; such as heart, star, Christmas tree, goat, pig, angel, man and woman. These cookies are not only incredibly tasty as they are full of butter and sugar in addition to Christmas spices, they are also fast and easy to bake, perfect for a pre-Christmas activity for family and friends.
Gingerbread men, Scandinavian style. Image source:

In Scandinavia, it’s not unusual to be invited to a ‘pepperkakeverksted’ early December. Directly translated is the meaning of ‘Pepperkakeverksted’ the gingerbread man factory. These events are like small informal pre-christmas parties, where you bake gingerbread men and enjoy some mulled wine together (recipe here). We’ll be travelling to Norway on the 21st of December and will have to do most of our baking between 21st and 24th.

© Little Scandinavian. Serinakaker – recipe here

On our baking list is pepperkaker, sirupssnipper, serinakaker, krumkaker, peppernøtter, krumkaker and kransekake. What will you be baking for Christmas? Why not bake together, invite along family and friends for a Scandi style ‘pepperkakeverksted’?

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