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If you are looking for Christmas tree inspiration we are happy to share the latest trends from Scandinavia with you here on the blog. And the hottest tree trend from up North is perhaps not as sleek and perfect as you may think it would be… On the contrary it’s more like the sad little greenery known from the book ‘The Little Christmas Tree’.

Many of you are quite familiar with the traditional Christmas tree; First, source the prettiest, fullest and most even tree, just tall enough to perfectly fit in under your ceiling height, with foot and star included.

When your tree is up and standing, perfectly adjusted to room temperature, you start by hanging Christmas Tree Lights, from the top, in rows all the way down. This is followed by adding the garland. Lastly, you can start decorating with glass bulbs, fairies and other ornaments, all matching your chosen colour scheme…

Or you can follow the Scandinavian trend and pick up the tree no one wanted; the one with a wonky tree trunk and with several branches missing in odd places.

It’s like the story of The little Christmas tree that hates its sharp needles and longs to have soft leaves like all the other trees. But will it be happier when its wish is granted? Perhaps it’s not so bad being a little Christmas tree after all… This charming Christmas story could might as well have been the inspiration for the new Scandinavian Christmas tree trend.

In fact, the demand for imperfect trees are so high that they tend up to not only be hard to find but also the costliest alternative in the Christmas tree market.

Leading Scandinavian interior designer and interior blogs have embraced the new Christmas Tree trend; Ferm Living, Tina K Home, Rie Elise Larsen, Broste Copenhagen, House Doctor and Mokkasin Blog.




Less is more, when it comes to ornaments. Keep it neutral and simple. Invest in a basket and a Christmas tree mat. And never before have your beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts, suddenly no longer in hiding underneath heavy branches, been given the attention they deserve.

The Christmas tree trend also includes decorating your home with miniature tree’s or branches, freshly cut and placed in water in simple glass vases, as minimalistic, natural and decorative piece for a sideboard or the table. Placed together with white wax candles on trays and you will be all set for a Scandinavian Christmas.



It’s Monday, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. But there will be more Scandinavian Christmas home, trends and inspiration to follow soon. Meanwhile, why not following my Christmas inspiration board on Pinterest?

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  1. Great post to understand Scandinavian decor! You can always see pictures, but giving some examples like you did helps to create more in the imigination! Nice read..!! Thx!

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