Julebukk, the Nordic tradition of trick-or-treating

Not too different from Halloween and go trick and treating, Julebukking is a Scandinavian tradition, originating from the Norse times; Between Christmas day and New Years Eve, in the time Scandinavians call “Romjul” children will dress up and go from door to door with lanterns and baskets, to collect sweets.

The tradition of the “Julebukk”, directly translated “Christmas goat”, is believed to have its origin in Norse Mythology from the God Thor, who traveled in his chariot drawn by two goats. During the Christmas holiday in the norse times, they would disguise themselves by dressing in a goatskin and go from house to house carrying a goat head. And if you did not share your Christmas food it could get unpleasant… However this tradition was modified when Norway was Christened.
Today the Julebukk as a symbol can often be seen in Scandinavian Christmas ornaments and decoration. And although Scandinavians have taken to the American tradition with Halloween, Julebukking is again increasing in popularity. And this time without scary goat heads, only cute children dressed up, singing lovely Christmas carols, around the neighbourhood.

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