The Month of November and some sneaky Christmas preparations

It’s November and Winter time, it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. So, between Halloween and Christmas… what happens in the month of November?

We say, read! Read for, with and next to your children. Little A has just picked up the most enchanting story; I, Coriander. A story that sweeps the reader into the dark, magical world of 17th century London, through they eyes of a child. We are reading it together and I can’t wait for tomorrows chapter!

November is just the right time to start thinking Christmas Stockings. Go crafty or purchase one from By Nord as shown in our picture. Then when that’s sorted, you can randomly pick up stocking-fillers up until Christmas.

And then there’s the Advent Calendar. If you start now, you may want to create your own. Find inspiration in our post DIY, Scandinavian Style Advent Calendars. The Maileg Advent Calendar is an option if there’s little time. It looks home made and has that traditional Nordic feel to it.

Christmas Cards… We post our Christmas cards no earlier than the second Sunday of Advent. But leaving it all to the very last moment is probably not a good idea. Perfect for the month of November is to produce and write all your Christmas wishes to loved ones, so that they are ready to be sent out, without a trace of rush, in December. Create your own collages or get hold of some Nordic style Christmas Cards, like this one, from Stork-to-Swan at Etsy. If you are photographing your children, there’s no reason to despair as we’ve made a 10 step to how to capture the perfect Christmas card photo


Candle Lights, pure wax slow burning glowing candlelights. Scandinavians can’t get enough of them. And November is the month to create some “hygge”. It’s all about creating a cosy indoor atmosphere, especially when the days are getting shorter. Skandinavisk is our favourite brand for candle lights, available in all leading interior design stores.

Baking Christmas cookies and getting the Christmas presents made/bought and wrapped in can all wait until the end of November. As when you are properly organised (in an ideal world…) December can be stress free and just truly enjoyable.

What are your plans for November? When do you start thinking of Christmas?

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