Joutomaa, whimsical and dreamy animal art prints for the nursery

Warm and whimsical animal art prints, with kitten in a pot, mother fox under the washing hanging from a cob web, flying zebras and talking birds. In the Joutomaa universe, anything is possible, just like in a dream. This is handmade prints of original work, signed and numbered, and the perfect addition to any nursery by this talented Finnish illustrator.

First introduced to us via the lovely baby concierge, Almondella , the Joutomaa art prints are of the loveliest we’ve sen in a long time. Handmade collage of mixed media on wood, scanned and printed in Turku Finland on 200g high quality paper, signed, dated and tidled by the artist, this could veru well be your baby’s first piece in their future art collection.
The artist combine old illustrations, photographs, fabrics including own illustrations to create the unique art prints. And you’d be surprised to find out how affordable they are! Check out Joutomaa Etsy Shop, and secure your favourite art print. We think they would make lovely gifts too.



For more creative inspiration, follow the Joutomaa creative universe head to the Joutomaa blog.

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