Children’s Advent Calendar Ideas – DIY and make it personal

Do you remember the anticipation and excitement we had as children because Christmas was getting close? We have chosen three amazing DIY Advent Calendar ideas to share with you here on Little Scandinavian, to make the count down to Christmas a truly special time for our children too.

I know it’s only October. But considering our hectic lifestyles December is here before you know it. So we better get crafty, sooner rather than later!

A piece of Winter art with hidden treats
Keri-Anne from the Ginger Lilly Tea blog has gathered floral paper, hessian bags, home made envelopes of book pages, tiny wicker baskets and my favourite, walnut shells. This makes me think of the Christmas film ‘Three wishes for Cinderella’ (although the film features hazelnuts). The shells are halfed and tied with lace, with a little piece of paper hidden inside. In fact, all the items are hiding a note, sharing what todays treat is. What a lovely idea! We simply adore this advent calendar, that you easily can adapt to your own personal taste and liking.
A handmade advent calendar by Ginger Lilly Tea

A wall hanged snowy Christmas tree
With a wall hanged Christmas tree there’s endless of options. Blogger Chiara used a large fabric with a Christmas tree print from IKEA, pre-cut felt numbers and 3″ felt circles found on Etsy – and got crafty! She sewed the felt numbers on the felt bulbs, then sewed the felt bulbs on the Christmas tree, leaving enough room for hiding small treats, sweets, or coupons for fun things to do together.
Giant Advent Calendar DIY by Oh Happy Day

Fabric Count Down Calendar
This is the advent calendar I grew up with. I shared it with my three sisters and we got to open it in turns. My mum made it for us in the 70’s. There would be a small sweet treat hiding inside the carriages, ‘twist’ or a ‘seigmann’. And the lucky girl who got number 24 got to ring the Christmas bell. When we grew up and moved out my mum handed the Advent Calendar down to my sister, so she could have it for her children.
Whenever I visit my sisters house in December, I revisit my own fond memories of the Advent Calendar.

You can see more DIY Advent Calendars here, in our post from Christmas 2013 and our post from Christmas 2012

Do you think you will make your own, personal Advent Calendar this year? Or perhaps you have already and can’t wait to take it out for the 1st of December? Please share it with us, the more ideas, the merrier!

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