6 Ways to celebrate Wool Week 2020

This years Wool Week will take place for not one, but two whole weeks, from Monday the 5th to Sunday the 18th October. As always the campaign is to support retailers, brands and makers of wool, with online and in store events. It’s a bit different this year, as with everything else, with less workshops and events compared to previous years.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of ways for you to join in!

1. Be inspired!

Best knit inspiration accounts on Instagram? There’s so many to choose from, but one of my favourite accounts to follow is @madebysiri The Norwegian knitter shares the most adorable projects for the whole family, with places to get both yarn and knitting patterns. She’s not only a talented knitter but also super delightful as a person.

If you have any recommendations for knitting accounts to follow, please share in comments below!

2. Treat yourself to a Mamaowl exclusive

Siskin by Engel has made a exclusive range for Mamaowl, for women and children. From the soft lambswool jumper to basic wear in silk merino blend, in a timeless design and muted earth colours. You’d be wanting to wear it all the time! Mamaowl is London based and run by Danish Anna. A treasure trove for all who has come to love woo – mamaowl.net

3. Help celebrate 10 years of ‘Knit with attitude’

It all started modestly as a miniature knitting kiosk in Stoke Newington. Ten years on, the Norwegian owner Maya has won several awards and her knitting shop has grown and become a destination for world wide knitting enthusiast.

To celebrate a decade of passion for wool and knitting she’s published the book knitwithattitude.com

4. Invest in a natural sheepskin rug

Autumn is the season to get cosy indoors, to add soft layers of natural wool for comfort and warmth. It’s everyday luxury and a beautiful addition to any home. Look for country of origin and my mindful of the production.

The photo features an organic, ethically sourced sheepskin from a herd roaming freely high in the Tibetan mountains. But do check out the wide selection in the British based specialist store, available – jordhome.com

5. Get knitting

Wether you are complete novise or an experienced knitting gran, get your knitting needles out in support of wool week. Learn to knit via YouTube tutorials (or simply ask a friend), join a knitting club or get started on a new project, in the softest 100% wool quality. Yarn and needle stockists and free patterns are readily available on-line at campaignforwool.org

6. Share your love for wool

Pure wool will provide a household item which is long lasting and durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Wool is a natural product, proven to be safe for skin and easy to care for.

To share your love for wool, photograph and share a wool themed picture social media, using the Campaign for Wool 2020 hashtags #lovetoknit and #choosewool

Happy Wool Week!

Lead image: Unsplash / Kasper Lau
Get knitting: Unsplash / Nynne Schroder 
Share your love: Unsplash / Sam Carter, Kate Hliznitsova and Nynne Schroder

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