Conscious luxury at Villa Copenhagen

Originally the Danish Post and Telegraph office from 1912 has been transformed into a 21st century grand hotel. Villa Copenhagen, situated in the city centre, close to Tivoli, opened only a few months ago.

Designed in the historical Neo-Baroque style, the building has been brought back to its former glory. But it’s not all about luxury.

Villa Copenhagen has made a conscious decision to be committed to lead the way for a sustainable hospitality industry.

For example, the Earth Suite, designed by Danish architect Eva Harlou, is the epitome of sustainable luxury travel in 2020. All elements of the suite have a sustainable profile to them. From the bricks and paste used to the masonry work, to the bed linen, sporting accessories and furnitures by Mater. It’s delightful to see a five star hotel offering a suite with entirely environmentally responsible design.

The sustainable thinking is throughout the hotel. Villa is one of the few hotels with an outdoor pool in Copenhagen. The 25 metre lapping roof top pool does not only make you feel refreshed and reenergised after a few laps, but also from knowing that it is 100% sustainable, as it is heated by the excess heat from Villa’s cooling system.

Expect the green ethos when dining here too, from local organic produce to a no waste commitment. The restaurant, Kontrast has a menu based on the idea of that food is for sharing.

If you are looking for a special place to stay in Copenhagen, the Villa should certainly be on your list.

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