Hansen & Lydersen – a Norwegian Salmon Smokehouse in London

Hansen & Lydersen is a traditional Norwegian Smokehouse, based in London, producing luxury, handcrafted, sustainable smoked salmon. Through images you are herby invited into the craft process…

Ole Hansen is a charming Norwegian salmon smoker who runs a smokehouse in Stoke Newington. Four generations of his family have worked in the salmon smoking industry. Hansen uses a family recipe that dates back to 1923. The smokehouse is located on Shelford Place, in Stoke Newington, North London, in an old brick building that used to hold printing works.

Filleting and cleaning the salmon, sourced from a family run fish farm, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic. To secure the high quality it’s prepared less than 48 hours after it has been fished.

Beech from a sustainable farm in Germany processed by a Danish Artisan family business. The Juniper is from Ole’s brothers farm…

Salting and threading the salmon. Every side is done one by one

After salting, it’s hung in the smokehouse. This is the stage in the process where Ole famously plays the piano to the fish…
When the salmon comes out of the smokehouse is always the same incredible feeling of joy and expectation to the first taste

Fish is a superfood, packed with vitamins and minerals, and a major source of omega-3 fatty acids. With Hansen & Lydersen sublime smoked salmon, eating healthy have never been easier.

Buy the delicious smoked salmon from their Stoke Newington Smokehouse, online at hansen-lydersen.com or at London’s food markets: Broadway Market, Maltby Market and Lower Marsh Market.

3 thoughts on “Hansen & Lydersen – a Norwegian Salmon Smokehouse in London

  1. Hi, two young people 28 years old looking for job in Norway. Has 5 years experience in fish industry, have a good filleting skills, got food safety sertificates and forklift license, and want to improve more, if you are intrested write me back and i will send our full CV

  2. Hi Ole

    I saw you this morning on Saturday Kitchen & loved the way you were using traditional Norwegian smoking methods for your Salmon. I know you smoke the salmon to order. I was wondering how much a side of salmon is? Or what is the smallest amount you sell? I gather that you sell to top restaurants in Europe as well as London, but I would love to try some It looks delicious. I will understand if you don’t supply the small domestic buyer.

    My name is Deborah Coles & I look forward to hearing from you.

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