Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon in 2017

This is not a blog post about how sublime the smoked salmon from the Norwegian smokehouse in Hackney is. Nor is it to tell you about the opening times or the last order date before Christmas.

Hansen & Lydersen has had an incredible journey from its humble begins in the courtyard of a derelict building in Stoke Newington – and straight off to a flying start onto the London food scene, loved by foodies and the media alike. Last Christmas saw an all time high for the little smokehouse. The orders sky rocketed whilst the chief smoker Ole worked hard to stay true to his humble beginnings, his grandfathers recipe and never to compromise on quality.

It’s our understanding that Hansen & Lydersen has been closed for most parts of 2017. And it’s also our understanding that it at some point will re-open, only to be able to continue to deliver the best smoked salmon there ever was. But we’ve had no information that it is ready to re-open for this Christmas.

So in other words, there will be no smoked salmon for Christmas of 2017. And we know and we agree, there’s no other brand that quite deliver the same quality. But once in a while it’s for the best and necessary for a small independent start up to take a break, recharge the batteries and re-evaluate the strategi, only to return in a even better format – so we all, once again can enjoy our smoked salmon for Christmas, for years to come.

A bit sentimental this post, I know. The short version? There will be no smoked salmon for Christmas – full stop.

We’ve loved the smoked salmon from Ole, and we count Ole as one of our friends, after our first meeting in april 2011. How time flies…

As soon as there’s an update from Hansen & Lydersen, you’d be the first ones to know!

1/12 UPDATE: We have news for you!
A very limited production is available for Christmas 2017, by invitation only. Hansen & Lydersen will only be offering collection from their Stoke Newington Smokehouse, no delivery/shipping this year.

Please leave a comment below with your name and email or email me directly to post@littlescandinavian.com to get the access code. First come first served.

13 thoughts on “Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon in 2017

  1. Hi! I was wondering if there’s any chance of getting any salmon for Christmas this year through a private sale? It had become quite a tradition and was such a shame to have to go elsewhere last year. I live in Stokey so could collect anytime!

  2. I have no information of a 2018 Christmas production, but I will be posting here if this changes. In the past they have shipped world wide. x

  3. Hi!!!
    Definitely interested in a Christmas 2018 order – let me know if anything is available.
    Would it be possible for a New York delivery?

  4. Hi Amy. Hansen & Lydersen has paused the business and Ols is on a sabbatical year to source new inspiration. As soon as I hear anything of the reopening you will be the first one to find out, here on the blog. x

  5. Hi,

    I would love to get some smoked salmon from Ole as a wedding gift for a friend. Do you know if they are smoking at all this year?



  6. Hi Pat. Hope you got salmon in the end from the private sale. The H&L production this year was very limited. Hopefully there will be more to come and another Christmas for 2018! x

  7. Hello! We’ve been lucky to receive some of Ole’s salmon every Christmas from friends who used to live in London, and we also used to visit their stall at Broadway Market. Our friends left London earlier this year, and suddenly it is mid December and I’ve just realised we don’t have our salmon this year! I’ve been on Ole’s website and tried searching elsewhere but it seems I might have left it too late – would you be able to help? Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks Pat

  8. It’s always nice with anything home produced so well done for smoking your own. I’ve ordered my Christmas salmon from Ole, as I don’t have access to a smokehouse in London. 😉 God Jul. David and thank you for stopping by my little Scandi universe of a blog. x

  9. Ole’s smoked salmon is just great. But I’ve given up on getting it from him, this year. Instead, I’ve smoked my own salmon…

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