Smoked Salmon the Scandinavian way

In what better way can you spend a Sunday afternoon, than visiting a salmon smokehouse run by a Norwegian in the middle of Hackney, London! We only stumbled upon the news of the newly started smokehouse a few weeks ago, although been operating for more than 6 months and already managed to establish themselves as the salmon smokehouse amongst top end restaurants in London.

Located in a back alley in the heart of trendy Stoke Newington, Ole greets us in a traditional Norwegian bright red Helly Hansen fishermen Salopette. He and his wife Flora is now both working full time in the company with Flora handling the admin side and Ole spending his time in the smokehouse and around in the restaurants. He shows us around the smokehouse and tells us all about the process and why they achieve such high standard on the smoked salmon. And it’s no surprise, it’s all about the ingredients. Top quality salmon, the right amount and the right type of salt, smoke from danish wood and a little bit of love. Ole is even dreaming of playing the piano in the smokehouse whilst waiting for the deep orange delicatessen to finish before sending it out to customers. We were allowed a taste and both our two Little Scandinavians were over the moon and asked for more. The thing is that it’s rich with out tasting fat and it tastes like sea without tasting salt. It’s simply melting on your tongue and we will definitely be on our way to Broadway Marked on a Saturday to secure some more.

Hansen and Lydersen use an old-style smoking kiln and produce their salmon according to long-standing smoking traditions. Every Hansen & Lydersen salmon is prepared less than 48 hours after it has been fished. It is carefully hand-filleted and cured according to a family recipe devised by Norwegian fishmonger Lyder-Nilsen Lydersen in 1923. It is then traditionally hung and slowly cold-smoked in the brick kiln of their Stoke Newington smokehouse, using a unique blend of juniper and beech wood for a pleasantly sharp and piquant aroma. The wood shavings are responsibly sourced, 100% pure wood, with zero chemicals. The salmon is always made to order, and delivered pure and fresh out of the kiln. They never freeze it, never vacuum-pack it and never wrap it in plastic. The resulting salmon is intensely delicious, strong-coloured and smooth textured: a must-try if you haven’t already!

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