Sunshine, 5 a day and royal babies in cardboard boxes.

by Scandinavian mum

Finally, sunshine and warmer temperatures across the UK. Hope you are outside, enjoying the gorgeous weather!
© Photographer Monika Elena
This week we read several articles about children and food. Thought to be extinct ‘Seafarers’ disease’ on rise among children due to lack of vitamin C in diet. There was also this article in the Guardian, about children and fuzzy eating we found very interesting; When did kids become gourmets? I really enjoyed that article, and think the author is highlighting some truly important issues in our society. We need to make sure our children get a healthy and balanced diet with their daily dose of fruit and vegetables as a minimum.

Do you remember we talked about Why Finnish babies sleeps in cardboard boxes? Well, now Finland have decided to send the Duchess of Cambridge a traditional baby kit complete with a cardboard cot too. Do you think the royal baby will be sleeping in a box?

Blog love this week includes the Swedish blog Mokkasin. There’s a true relaxed Scandinavian feel on the blog, featuring a stylish Nordic family life. The blogger is also an amazing photographer. All very inspiring.
This weekend sees the kids trade show, Playtime Paris in full swing too. We recommend to pop by our friend, Paul et Paula to see the latest updates and kids fashion news from the Paris event.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and hope to see you here on the blog soon again. Kisses, Bianca x

Danish children’s leather shoes byKier {campaign by Monika Elena}

by Scandinavian mum

The Danish designer Lone Kier with her shoe brand byKier has stayed true to her original idea, since 2005 they’ve made fashionable and affordable footwear for children, with no compromise on either the environment or the quality. The Spring Summer 2012, in shops now, is a delightful collection of shoes for babies, boys and girls all the way up to size 38.

© ByKier SS12, ClipArt via Polyvore by Little Scandinavian

The photographer Monika Elena has shot the Autumn Winter 2012 campaign photos for byKier, a small sneak peek seen below. As usual Monika is flirting with sunlight but also more recently using bold colours and a mix of texture in her photos.

© ByKier AW12, Photo by Monika Elena

Useful Links
byKier Online Shop
Monika Elena Photo

Last chance to capture sun filled happy moments, by Monika Elena

by Scandinavian mum

So, it appears one of the leading photographers within children’s fashion today will be leaving beautiful Denmark and head back to the US in early July. Monika Elena is well known for bringing kids fashion photos into a new era with her signature style sun filled Polaroids capturing happy moments.

Monika Elena introduced herself to us by email back in October 2010; “Hello there! I have been following your beautiful blog for a few months, I am a kids fashion photographer who recently located from the states to Copenhagen and your site has really given me an insight to Nordic style for kids!” Well we were very happy to hear from her and also to meet up with this genuine and lovely photographer in Copenhagen during Fashion Week at CPH Kids where she’s been a regular contributor.

Grab your chance before this talented photographer leaves the continent and book your photo shoot for both fashion and kids & family photos now. Monika Elena is located in Denmark until July 2012 but will be in France for the entire month of May. Monika Elena, you will be sorely missed in Europe! We hope to stay in touch!

© Monika Elena Photo

Unique clothes by Strawberryflavor from Denmark

by Scandinavian mum

Strawberryflavor is unique, colourful almost dreamy handmade clothes for children by the Danish designer Celine Elsebeth Vallø Hallas. Although this is a New Brand alert Strawberryflavor is by all means no newcomer to the fashion scene as they have already been available in Scandinavia since 2010. Now also proving to be very popular in Japan…

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The leading photographers within children’s fashion

by Scandinavian mum

Anders Hald –
Anders has been a freelance photographer for more than 15 years which of the last 7 has been focused on children and fashion shoots. He’s based in Denmark and works with clients like From Magazine, CPH Kids, Junior Magazine and Babiekins Magazine. He’s shot campaigns for brands like Petit by Sofie Schnoor, PomPom Sko, Start Rite and Ida T.
He’s clearly talented both with photography and working with children with many photography prizes and awards for his work. He was also recently included in Lürzer’s Archive ‘200 best Ad Photographers World Wide 2010/11’.

For more about Anders and his work, the article Anders Hald shoots children in Create Review is simply a ‘must read’.

Monika Elena –
Monika received her BA in San Fransisco in 2003 and have since then founded Monika Elena Photography, specializing in children’s fashion with use of vintage cameras, Polaroid and natural light.
She’s based in Denmark and the US and works with clients like CPH Kids, Lille Figaro, MILK Magazine, Babiekins Magazine, Naif Magazine and Papier Mache Magazine. She’s shot campaigns for brands like, Nixie Clothing and Mina.

Monika’s work has been recognized by leading design blogs Design Mom, Decor8, Design Sponge and Babyccinokids.

Jens E. Haugen –
Originally trying his luck within the music industry in London Jens ended up being one of the leading photographers of Norway instead. His strength lies in capturing moments then editing the photo into almost a imaginative and surreal setting. He’s been awarded as the ‘Photographer of the year’ in both 2010 and 2011 in Norway by the Norwegian Photography Society.
Based in rural Norway, in a town called Hamar and works with clients like Jumina, Norrøna and VW.

Want to know a bit more about this raw young talent? Read this feature of ‘top photographers in Olympus.

Here’s a brief sample of these talented photographers recent work. Enjoy!