Monika Elena -brings kids fashion photos into a new era.

Originally from the states, now based in Denmark, the talented photographer Monika Elena brings fashion photography into a new era. With her glowing photos she appeals to our senses and happy memories; the feeling of warm sand between our toes on a summer day, the smell of grass after rain and the very first best friends most heartwarming smile.
5 years ago she started experimenting with vintage cameras and polaroid film. Combined with a great interest and understanding of children in addition to excellent understanding of composition and light makes her pictures stand out and offer way beyond more ordinary fashion photos.
Why are we so excited and why we do we think Monika Elena’s take on kids fashion photography is so great? Because children’s fashion isn’t supposed to be “dressed up”, flat and dull. We think children’s fashion should be all about living and having fun, being comfortable whilst creating new memorable moments! Monika Elena -we heart you!

© by photographer Monika Elena.

We recommend checking out the portfolio on the brand new website

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