Shine on -The Sunshine Award!

Photos by Monika Elena, source: Molly’s Blog
Have you heard about the Sunshine Award? When receiving the award you are kindly asked to answer some sunshine questions then pass the award on to 5 blogs who deserves some ray of sunshine too.

I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award by Kaisa Larkas, the Mum on the Run, because she thinks I’m “a very lovely and genuine lady who knows kid’s fashion. Also because she told me some facts about Norway I didn’t know, wrote a very lovely interview about me and called my husband a hunk! What not to like?…”

Thank you dear Kaisa and of course I want to spread some sunshine too! First my answers to the Sunshine Questions

Favourite colour: My daughters rosie cheeks after outdoor play, the orange winter sunset in London, the fatty dark brown coffee beans in the grinder, my niece’s shiny black curly hair and I love my husband almond shaped olive eyes.

Favourite animal: I love horses. They are beautiful, strong, warm, calm, independent and thoughtful animals.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Water. It tastes best when sipping it from your hand, straight out of a mountain waterfall in Norway, after a few hours hike on a sunny summer day.

Facebook or Twitter: Do we have to choose? The purposes of the two are so different. But if I had to choose it would be Twitter, as to me it’s more real time and instant communication. Twitter is a great place to meet like minded and to share ideas. If you don’t like Twitter it’s because you’re not connected to the right people!

Favourite number: 17, as it was my number along with an umbrella on my peg back in the times when I was potting around in the nursery in Oslo. The number has never brought any luck, but I just somehow feel comforted when I see it.

Favourite day of the week: Monday, new week, new opportunities!

My passion: Sustainability.

Getting or giving presents: I would rather give and receive a hug than presents. But when that’s said, it can be fun finding that special present to a special person too. So answer must be giving! Giving is receiving! Cliche but true.

Favourite pattern: Clouds, waves and raindrops.

Favourite flower: A few peonies in a vase makes me happy but the very first coltsfoot in spring, picked by my girls are probably my favourite.

I’ll hereby pass the Sunshine Award (in no particular order) on to:

1. Carla’s Café She shares so much inspiration through her blog. She has a natural ability of creating a cozy virtual space where you feel that you are actually visiting her in her lovely Danish home, having a nice chat about kids clothes and new trends, sipping on a cup of tea and eating her homemade bread whilst her cute daughter is playing in Carlas Café.

2. Smudgetikka a niche blog featuring proper fashion and fashion trends. Beyond the look book campaign shots (often published first here and featuring most of them -so what a great archive!) together with the snap shots by Smudgetikka from the world of kid’s fashion there’s a lovely, highly intelligent, charmingly traditional British lady sharing her thoughts with a delightful sense of humor and business insight.

3. Courtney at the Babyccinokids Blog. It’s in fact several girls blogging on Babyccinokids, with all sharing the same down to earth approach to family life, from different cities. I’m especially following Courtney as she, like me, lives in London with kids. We’ve met a few times too and she’s as nice in real life as on the blog. She’s a genuine friend who cares and shares her good finds and experience, worth following for everyone with little kids.

4. The Adventures of Skinny Mini Kiki is a blog by the cosmopolitan working mum Chantale based in Montreal, Canada. Reporting her daughter’s adventures, where fashion, design and lots of fun events are shared through the eyes of a child (with a great designer editing it all together) The blog is a daily destination for us but you don’t get the real “Chantale experience” before you also connect with her on Twitter, where she with her big heart and positive approach to life spreads rays of sunshine wherever she goes!

5. BozAround is the explorer mum, famous in the virtual world for her travels around the globe with her family. She’s now sharing other families travel experiences too, and if you are planning going on a family holiday she’s the girl to ask and her blog is a endless inspiration of everything from the more practical advice to exotic destination ideas.

7 thoughts on “Shine on -The Sunshine Award!

  1. Oh Am So touched to be included. Merciiiii!!!! And the sun is shining today in London so the award definitely worked and was well received!!!! I’ll spread the light as best as possible…thanks so much for the good words x

  2. Thank you for spreading sunshine, Chantale. And thank you for passing it on the some of my fav blogs! 5’s to little!

  3. Smudg, it was great catching up in CPH. And thank you for passing the sunshine on. I very much liked reading all your answers. Little B enjoyed reading your answers! Fruit bat!? 😉

  4. My godsh, wow. I love your answers (especially colours). I think I’m still blushing here. Thank you so much for putting me in the same group as these amazing and talented women! I’m a big believer in karma (the good and the bad, lol) and I hope to give back to you as much as you’ve given me. Un gros merci et bises!! xoxo

  5. Big hearted thanks from me too Bianca, its always a delight to catch up with you at the trade fairs and I was only thinking last night, it’s actually only 5 months and it all begins again! I will do my best to honour the spirit of the award.

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