Halloween in Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen 2016 – Scarier than ever!

by Scandinavian mum

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is ready for Halloween; all dressed up in warm Autumn colours and elaborately decorated with 20.000 pumpkins as well as bales of straw, spiders, scarecrows and lots of magical creatures. The famous Danish theme park has once again prepared for the scariest Halloween experience so far…

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From Spooky to Stylish – Kids outfits for Halloween

by Scandinavian mum

Halloween costumes for children

Halloween costumes for children by thescandinavianmum featuring a cat ear hat

Halloween doesn’t have to end on 31st of October. With these spooky to stylish children’s Halloween costumes, there’s no need to shovel the outfit down in the fancy dress box after use. These cool and funky styles are all Scandinavian designed children’s clothes that will look stylish throughout the coming winter months too.
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Halloween – a spooky night with Irish origin

by Scandinavian mum

In Norway the whole tradition of Halloween is fairly new and not very well established. So Halloween in London a year ago was our first! The girls had a fantastic evening and both were eager to repeat the spooky celebration.

This year Halloween was celebrated Wednesday 31st of October and we were invited to a friends house for a Halloween costume party. There was fun games like “Apple Bobbing” and “Guess the Witches body part”, followed by some party food “Bloody hot-dogs” and “Juicy eye balls” before we headed out in the dark to go trick-or-treating together.
The rules of Halloween, as I’ve understood them, are very simple. The houses included in the spooky fun are the ones with a jack-o’-lantern outside, a carved pumpkin with a light in it. If there’s no light you need to move on. You ring the doorbell on the houses that participate and then you say “Trick or Treat”. Some people have not only turned their houses into a scary dungeon but dressed up and they will try to scare you too! And some are just lovely neighbours that participate because they think it’s lovely to have the children from the neighbourhood coming knocking on the door. The costumes are also quite entertaining, so in the setting of the Dickens’s Victorian London it becomes a magic and fun evening for the whole family.

When there’s no more sweets, the light in the jack-o’-lantern will be blown out. Some houses also leave a note on the door saying “Sorry, no more candy!” But there’s plenty of sweets! To the parents joy some are offering fruit as well as sweets.
The girls came home with rather heavy bags this Halloween. And whilst they were already busy planning the coming costumes I’m happy that it is a whole year until next time!

Up until recently I thought Halloween was an American tradition, recently imported to Europe. Historian Nicholas Rogers has explored the origins of Halloween, and he conclude it’s linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain”, which comes from the Old Irish for “summer’s end”. And did you know there used to be a turnip, not a pumpkin.
Halloween is believed to be a magic night, where the dead would return for a feast. The word Halloween was first used in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All Hallows’ Even (‘evening’), the night before All Hallows’ Day.

BANGBANG Copenhagen -about Halloween and quirky design

by Scandinavian mum

BANGBANG Copenhagen is a Danish brand, by the two designers Mia Risager and Louise Lundholm, focusing on the playful and creative designs for children age 1 to 8. Mia and Louise gets inspiration from Japanese origami mixed with cool street wear, which makes their design unique and functional. More fun and cool stuff at bangbangcph.dk

Little Scandinavian decided to have a quick chat with the designers behind the brand, designing quirky clothes for children, for a fun and imaginative childhood; And perhaps also for a sophisticated Halloween!?

Do you celebrate Halloween in Denmark?
Mia & Louise: Celebrating Halloween in Denmark is a quite new thing, but the celebration is getting bigger every year and many kids do dress up nowadays.

What do you think about Halloween?
Mia & Louise: It’s always fun to dress up and make costumes. Halloween is so much fun for kids because they get to explore their the dark and scary side. And of course there is all the lovely sweets. The combination is a sure success.
We always use a element of costumes in our design so we always keep our eyes open to creative details in Halloween costumes for inspiration.

Where do you get inspiration for your design?
Mia & Louise: We get inspired from our kids fantastic playful imagination. Art and inspiring people in the streets is a constant inspiration for details in our work.

What are your favourite child and family films?
Mia & Louise: We love to watch Japanese cartoons like Kiki and TOTORO. We think that these movies are just a pleasure to watch for both children and adults. And there is a lot of lovely Swedish and Danish children’s films like Alfons Aaberg.

Do you have any ideas or useful tip for a Halloween party?
Mia & Louise: It is always a success when you make a scary treasurehunt with a lot of funny surprises where kids can use there imagination. And of course the most fantastic cake!

I would love to ask your children what their favourite style from BangBang Copenhagen?
And if they were to have a Halloween party, what would they want to wear?

Mia: My youngest daughter (Oda 5 year) loves to dress like bats, so she love our Batbaby sweatshirt and cap. And I made her a bat costume that she loves to wear.

Louise: My daughter (Liv age 6) love to wear our dresses. Her favorite item season is the Louilou dress. With a big bow. She has decided that both me and her will be witches for this halloween. My son (Orla age 2) loves to wear our baggybaggy pants, because of the softness and big pockets where he can hide toys and secret treasures.

BANGBANG is currently making it’s way into the UK and are taking part in the Alex and Alexa Be our Buyer event.
Why not head over to AlexandAlexa.com if you want to secure a few quirky and cool BANGBANG Copenhagen styles to fantastic and unbelievable festive prices! Just in time for Halloween! (Event ends Monday 22 October 2012.)