Halloween, from food and home decoration to costumes

Trick or Treat? With Halloween only a few weeks away we might as well share some inspiration for the upcoming celebration of the spookiest night of the year. From Halloween food and home decorating ideas to what to wear. Celebrate Halloween with Little Scandinavian in London!

The above image inspiration is part of the photo series “Halloween kids fashion Story’ by photographer Sandra Freij for Milk magazine, shared via Smudgetikka.

Trick or treat? We say -ditch the candy! Prepare some fantastic Halloween themed real food, from Mummy hot dogs to cobweb chocolate cake for dessert. Here’s cake decoration inspiration; 19 Bewitching Halloween Cakes And don’t forget to decorate your home! Here’s 16 Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations ideas, with photo tutorial.

Cake ideas from Country Living and Mummy Hot Dogs from apumpkinandaprincess.com

Previous years we’ve had vampires, ghosts, devils and zombies. This year Little A will be the Evil Bee, ready to go trick and treating together with her scary friends, with theatre make up -dark smokey eyes and an evil blood red grin. She will be wearing a complete hand made Queen Bee outfit by Recoma Costumes
recoma_costume_queen_bee 002

The gorgeous outfit comes in separate parts, and without the Lace and Velveteen Queen Bee Mask, the Queen Bee Stinger and the Queen Bee Handpainted Organza Wings, but with the dress -only accompanied by the jet black fux fur bolero, she will be beautifully dressed for our New Years Eve Party. Handmade in Britain, prices from £55 available from Etsy


It sort of sums up what we like about Halloween, spending time on finding the right costume, preparing food and decoration and invite friends over to celebrate -before roaming the dark streets of London…


Would love to know if you celebrate Halloween, and if you do, what your plans are this year?

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