Bundgaard Children’s Shoes, Footwear Specialist since 1904

Bundgaard Shoes is a Danish brand, founded in the idyllylc town of Esbjerg in 1904, more than 110 years ago. The design is emphasising on excellent fit and produced in a high quality, so the result is children’s shoes that not only are comfortable to wear but that can stand tear and wear. Bundgaard Shoes are made for kids who like to play!

Proper maintenance of leather shoes will help to ensure their longevity in wear. Good shoes begin with great leather, that needs some love and care, to stay comfortable and good looking. This is Bundgaard’s advice on how to care for your shoes:

Start with a protector spray, 2-3 times before the shoes will be used. This will protect against dirt, stains and water coming through the leather. Leather uppers require regular treatment with a good-quality cream to protect the leather. This should help to prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. Leather shoes should be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove superficial dirt and stains before polishing/adding the cream. Suede and Nubuck uppers can be treated using a ‘Suede Protector’ spray. A rubber suede brush can help to lift any dirt and debris, however, stubborn stains may necessitate treatment with a suede shampoo. Leather shoes can often take a day to dry out fully whether from rain or natural perspiration. Where possible allow a day between wears and alternate with other shoes. Use newspaper inside the shoes to dry out any moist even faster. Do not dry the shoes near a radiator as this can cause damage to the leather.


Bundgaards wellington boots are handmade in natural rubber, with a comfortable fit. There’s enough room for grwoing toes as well as there’s some support at the same time. Bundgaard wellington boots are for all year, but only for rainy days!

Bundgaard does not list any stores in the UK in their store locator, but do have a look at bundgaard.dk

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