has reopened, offering children’s knitwear for AW16

Mormor is a Danish children’s brand that specialise in gorgeous knitwear for babies and children up to 10 years. The collections are all hand made, knitted by real grannies, in the softest of yarns for warmth and comfort.

A few years ago the brand was put on pause, with only a very limited stock forwarded to selected stockists. So it was with delight that we got an email saying the webshop will reopen, with more styles added. The grannies have once again got their knitting pins out and are ready to get back in full swing!

========== MORMOR.NU

We decided to have a chat with the founder to find out more.

First, can you tell us a little about you? My name is Nina Brandi. I am 42 years old, I have two daughters, Rosa 9 years old and Clara 13 years old. I have been together with my husband for 18 years and together we’ve travelled the world, living in Rome, Malawi, Uganda and Bolivia. Originally, I am a food scientist specialised in development work. But for the last 8 years I’ve been running Mormor.

Why was put on pause a few years back? 1,5 years ago we had to relocate from Denmark to Switzerland for my husbands work. When we moved I had to restructure the whole company, finding someone to run the day to day business from Denmark. With a successful appointment of a manager I can focus on developing the company. We’ve also published a knitting book, sharing our most popular knitting patterns. So far it’s only in danish but we are working on having it published in english as well.

What’s Mormor’s vision and concept? Our vision is to offer a little bit of slow living into the hectic life of families and an opportunity to create a link between generations, which are otherwise often quite separated in the modern life. Our products are made from joy and from an urge to contribute with something meaningful in this world by these grandmothers who have plenty of time, skills and knowledge but are left on the outskirt of society after they leave the job market. That attention and love are being given from one generation to the other through the clothes.

What materials do you work with? We only work with 100% natural fibers such as alpaca, wool and cotton, sometimes pure sometimes blended to get certain characteristics; such as cottonwool which is perfect for summer. The cotton cools but the wool keeps the clothes lighter and makes sure that moist evaporates more quickly and keeps the child comfortable and dry.

What’s the design and manufacture process? I make all the designs, which are turned into patterns together with some very skilled knitters. The production is based around coffee and cake! Every fortnight the knitters meet for coffee and cake. During these meetings they’ll bring in what’s made and they’ll get new bags of orders and yarns. It’s a great way to socialise and meet other like-minded grandmothers. Many friendships have arosen through this purposeful network.

You have a fantastic baby collection, but some styles also go up to age 10? Our focus is mainly on babies and young children, up to age 5 years. But some styles are made up to age 10 years depending on the requests we get from our customers. We think that it is especially important to use wool for babies and small children as they have difficulties regulating their body temperature due to a low percentage of body fat. We, of course, think that wool is the best material for both children and adult clothing. But we’ve realised that after a certain age older children seem to enter a phase of wanting to choose their own clothing and not necessarily they’ll go for what’s the most functional, such as wool.

Thank you to Nina for taking the time to answer our question, during the most hectic knitting season. And as the weather is changing and the temperature is dropping… we are happy to show you the new baby collection from Mormor – in store now.











Mormor was founded in 2004 by Nina Brandi. The brand is selling through a range of carefully selected stores such as in the UK. But they’ve recently also re-opened their own webshop, – offering worldwide shipping.

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