Children’s Wool Clothing – 10 Favourite Fashion Brands for Kids

Did you know this week is Wool Week? From 10th to 16th the Campaign for Wool will be hosting numerous of events to raise awareness of wool as a sustainable material for clothing. What better week to share our favourite 10 brand that does children’s clothing in wool!?

Wool is a lot more than many think; Wool is a textile fiber from sheep and cashmere from goats, mohair from goats, qiviut from muskoxen, angora from rabbits as well as wool from camelids.

The most commonly used wool types for children’s clothes are alpaca wool, merino wool and lambswool.

1. As we Grow

As We Grow is a children´s fashion label based in Reykjavik, Iceland, creating timeless, quality clothing. The brand is know for combining classic nordic design with a contemporary twist. The strikingly beautiful clothing are made to grow with the child, usually in the softest alpaca wool.

2. Ylur
YLUR was created in 2013 by Fanney Svansdóttir. Inspired by her grandmother, Fanney is carrying out the legacy of a long line of Icelandic women who have handcrafted garments for their families for centuries. It doesn’t get more unique; each garment is designed and made by hand in silky-smooth Alpaca wool, knitted by Fanney in her home in Iceland. With and increasing demand she is now looking to expand the team of knitters…

3. Gudrun & Gudrun
Gudrun & Gudrun is the Faroe Island brand that made knitwear fashionable. The duo experiment with different yarns and knitting techniques resulting in a delightful collection, both clothing and accessories. Do note that the brand also specialise in sheepskin outerwear…

4. Shirley Bredal
Shirley Bredal was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. The collections are hand made with knits as the brands main focus and passion. The design is Scandinavian comptemporary, with a hint of vintage. Expect gorgeous garments for baby and toddlers in fine wool, merino wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo, silk and blends of these fibers.

5. MorMor
MorMor is a Danish brand designed and handmade in Denmark by a bunch of knitting grannies. Each garment will come with a tag, with the name of the granny that knitted the particular garment. The design is Nordic and the quality is second to none. They use soft and lightweight highland wool. Both sweaters, cardigans and hats are popular and the pieces tend to sell out fast.

Mormor via Mamaowl

6. Rock the Goat
Swedish brand Rock the Goat has successfully identified the gap in the premium market for sustainable knitwear combining the popular Scandinavian Design with production made in Italy.

7. MeMini
Norwegian brand Memini has a strong focus on knitwear for babies and children, in a traditional and nostalgic style.

8. Esencia
Danish brand Esencia kids is a collection which focuses on the purity of children by producing products that are made from the finest natural alpaca and llama fibers. cooperating only with suppliers who value the principles of fair trade and sustainability. There is no lovelier brand…

9. Mole
Mole Little Norway is designed in the West Coast of Norway and produced in the softest of merino and lambswool in Italy.

10. Woolland
Woolland entire collection is in merino wool, from socks and underwear to outerwear and accessories.

Wool can offer incredible softness and comfort. Combined with strength and durability wool is the perfect material for children’s clothing. It is a natural fiber with no allergenic and harmful materials. It doesn’t have to be died as its neutral colours lends itself to a timeless design – for long lasting clothing that can be handed down to future generations. When considering the farming of the animals and the working conditions in the factories, wool can be very environmental friendly too, making it ideal for our planet and children at the same time.

There is even shops focusing on children’s clothing made in wool. One is in London, run by Danish Anna who are known as the wool expert in the UK, with the shop called

With this little woolly write up we wish you a very happy wool week! x

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