Norwegian high street tween brand Wow and me

Norwegian high streets have a new fashion brand to be proud of, WOW AND ME, that’s instantly has become all tweens favourite.
It’s affordable, the style is funky and functional for the older children that want to dress trendy without looking like adults. Proper Scandinavian tween fashion!

Their latest collection for Christmas 2010, designed by the Norwegian fashion designer Fam Irvoll was launched at a big Wow and me party in Oslo last Thursday. The launch was rather successful with lots of cheerful tween Wow-and-me fans attending. Picture shows two happy girls, in fun and bright Wow and me clothes, arriving at the party.

I’m not too sure about how environmentally concerned the label are, neither the quality of the clothes.
However I must admit I’m really pleased to see how popular decent tween clothes can be thinking of the earlier mentioned not exactly utterly hilarious trends for children and tweens.

Photo: Wow and me Blog

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