MarMar Copenhagen AW10

One of our favourite brands, danish children’s fashion label MarMar Copenhagen, are about to send out another stunning autumn winter collection to the shops.

With a goal to achieve toned down elegance for children, where romantic appearance and sharp graphic prints are the contrasts the label strives to offer a window into a world of fashion for little people that creates its own subtle style statement.
With detailing restricted to only the most important elements and muted colour tones, it can almost come as a surprise to find an eye-catching twist in their collection. MarMar Copenhagen is contrasting mix of contemporary functionalism and classic vintage.

Sadly I haven’t been able to find MarMar’s beautiful design pieces in the UK, only their basic wear. Please let me know if you know where to find soft cotton prints, subtle coloured knits, funky leopard leggings and romantic fluttering tutu’s.
In other words, MarMar is one of the brands that make me look so forward to visit Copenhagen in February!

Photo: MarMar Copenhagen

One thought on “MarMar Copenhagen AW10

  1. Mail received: Hi, you asked for Mar Mar stockists in your newsletter: stock them (no leopard prints though)
    Regards Bea

    Thank you, Bea. Useful to know! 🙂

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