Ida’s dress

A Swedish designer is behind the french label La robe d’Ida that presents a reinterpretation of the pinafore dress worn in Sscandinavia during the 1920s. Inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s books and the characters Madicken, Lisabeth, Kajsa, Anna, Britta and especially Emil’s little sister Ida. These are young heroins with strong personalities, lots of imagination and who are full joy and life.

In my forest, dusk and dawn have the time to say hello to each other… The nights are white and the animals no longer have to hide. The fox jumps around just near me. The rabbit follows. We run after each other… between the fir trees, across the path of light.
The Woods of Vilhelmina are unlike the others. They are soft; under our bare feet lie an ocean of green moss. The dragonflies land on my back, the anemones leave petals on my skin. The mystery, the magic and the sun that never sleeps… everything belongs to me.

The collection “In the Woods of Vihelmina“ was created in collaboration with the illustrator Anna Karlson.

Photo: La robe d’Ida

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