Funky Moose Reflex wellies

Did you know that most children in Scandinavia would wear proper rain gear like waterproof dungarees and jacket or a all-in-one combined with wellington boots and Souwester hat. Children seldom wear a raincoat and a umbrella. Like how would they be able to explore that muddy puddle then?

Norwegian wellington boots for children and adults from Moose Reflex are the worlds first approved reflex rain boots. Made of superb high quality natural rubber and it comes with a pair of welly socks in soft wool that will keep you warm and comfortable.

We like the stars that are not only fashionable and fun but also very practical, as you will easy be spotted in the dark.

They launched their first collection this year and has so far been well received in Scandinavia. Hope to see some Moose Reflex out in Europe and in the UK as well!

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