What to do on a rainy day?

It’s holiday and the weather is miserable. What to do? A rainy day is usually a good opportunity to take the children to a gallery or museum. But sometimes it’s nice to stay home too.

You could

– make food together. Let there be some Little Cook’s helping out with making dinner. Or bake bread. Nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to brighten up the day. Make a plain dough and then let your child add their favourite ingredient (cereal, olives etc)

– do crafts. Teach the children to knit or finger knit. (Suitable from 6 years.) By the end of the day you’ll have gorgeous presents for both grannies!

– play Scrabble or Monopoly or another board game. Or play UNO or another fun card game for everyone to join in.

-have a story time. Snuggle up in bed or in a big sofa and read one of Enid Blytons (or another of their favourite author) capturing children’s book.

– have a big clear out of either toys or clothes. Children usually loves taking part in this. What does not fit any longer? What do we not use any longer? What can we give away to charity? This is something that needs to be done in all family homes from time to time. You will probably find that old treasures will be rediscovered! Let’s do it on a rainy day!

– go camping in the great indoors. Rugs and blankets make great tents and houses. Provide the little people with a proper picnic bag for their “outing”.

– play school. Have some books and fun activities that the kids might enjoy in their own version of “play” school. Little table and chairs are perfect. Remember to serve something nice for School dinners.

– go to the “cinema”. Watch a film together in style. Write up a poster of the treats in store, cinematic and otherwise. Make cinema tickets. Make snacks such as popcorn, carrot sticks and mini tomatoes, darken the room, use torches to show people to their seats, then let the show begin.

Finally, if the weather is only wet, but no thunder or lightning threatens, let the kids take a walk out in the rain. Either dress them in rain wear from top to toe, or if it’s warm just let all of you go out, barefooted, and enjoy traipsing through the falling rain and jumping in all of the puddles you encounter. (I used to do this as a child!) Kids are so used to parents telling them to come in out of the rain, they are sure to love and appreciate a rare opportunity to go out and play in it!

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