Ticket to Heaven on sale

by Scandinavian mum

It looks like the winter has come to stay. At least for a while!
Ticket to Heaven is a Danish company, founded by Hans Peter Hoeg Larsen in the beginning of the nineties. The first jackets and coats was designed in Mr Hoeg Larsens private dining room. Today Ticket to Heaven has become one of the leading brands within functional outerwear for children in Europe – and the company employ more than 30 people.
Ticket to Heaven offers a complete collection of outerwear/ski wear for children with all kinds of accessories, boots etc. Rain wear and rubber boots are also available in a full range of colours. Finally, jeans wear is a third pillar in the range – designed in a classic sporty look.
Ticket to Heaven is distributed all over Scandinavia and Northern Europe and you can find Ticket to Heaven in more than 600 stores around Europe. Ticket to Heaven owns 2 concept stores in Denmark and Sweden and 1 outlet store in Copenhagen.

I’ve been searching the net for a UK based online-shop that stock Ticket to Heavens fabulous collection, without much success. However I know a lovely online-shop, CPH Stories, based in Denmark, that for a reasonable price will ship to the UK.

As the weather forecast is predicting more snow and freezing degrees, you might want to check out their great bargains today!
Ticket to heaven snowsuit that will keep your baby and child protected from water, wind and the freeze, now on sale, from £74

Is your child ready for the snow?
Photos: Ticket to Heaven by CPH Stories

How can you resist the Urban Elk?

by Scandinavian mum

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 14.20.04The Copenhagen based company Urban Elk presented their first collection in autumn 2006, and is now one of the fastest growing children clothing companies in Denmark. The design is inspired by Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and combined with high quality. Children aged 0-8 year can enjoy clothes that are comfortable to wear with prints that appeal to them.
Urban Elk

Shown above is a wonderful olive green hooded velour jumpsuit made from organic cotton. (Does also come in dark purple.)
So snuggly and warm for your little one. Almost wish they had one in my size…
Price £ 29.99 at the Hedgepig Love it!
Urban Elk is available in several stores. Among them is thehedgepig.co.uk, lulasapphire.com, mashngravy.com nordickids.co.uk and olivelovesalfie.co.uk

Dress your baby and toddler the Scandinavian way this winter

by Scandinavian mum

MeMini girls Snowsuit It’s already December, and by now most Scandinavian babies and toddlers, in fact most children up to school age will be dressed in a snowsuit when outdoors. There are some great snowsuits on the market, and every year they are thoroughly tested for water resistance, durability etc for parents that want to be sure that their little one can stay warm and dry when playing outisde.
In Norway the children would wear wool tights, socks and top , and wool or fleece one suit and a waterproof rain set on top. Wool products warm and insulate children’s bodies in both cold and wet weather. Wool also regulates body heat, keeping children comfortable on milder days. Scandinavian children usually change from rain sets to snowsuit when the temperature drops down to a few plus degrees or less.
There are a lot of Scandinavian snowsuits on the market. Didriksons, Fransa, Hollys, Hummel, Katvig, Lego, Mini a Ture, Minymo, Molo, Name It, Småfolk, Ticket To Heaven, Ver de Terre and Wheat to mention some.
Of all the Scandinavian brands I think Ticket to Heaven is very nice. But Wheat has some very nice ones as well. Katvig and Molo has a bit more trendy retro look. In other words something for every one’s taste and need.
A colder climate requires warmer clothes. However it can be quite cold in the UK as well. And a few british shops do stock proper snowsuits.Nordic Kids stock a few, from Molo and from Mini Rodini. Rose and Robin stock snowsuits from Cupcake and Molo.
Viking Kids stock some very warm snowsuits from Didriksons and Isbjorns of Sweden. This is probably the snowsuits you would consider if you are going to visit Lapland this Christmas. 🙂

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Plan your ski holiday now, with Ticket to Heaven

by Scandinavian mum

Ticket to Heaven’s popular ranges of clothes for children are all using a classic functional design in pure strong colours and have become one of the most preferred outdoor wear brands for children in Scandinavia. They produces two collections every year, both collections include outerwear, rain wear and jeans as well as a full range of accessories.
Ticket to Heaven also has a yearly collection of bags which can be used for school, kindergarten, sport and weekends.

Some UK online shops stock Ticket to Heaven. Have a look at Vikingkids.co.uk

It’s already snowing in Sweden and Norway. Why not be ahead and plan your ski holiday now? Or in case you will be staying at home you could always check out their waterproofs! 🙂
They have super cute Ticket to Heaven wellies on sale at Asos at the moment.