Ticket to Heaven on sale

It looks like the winter has come to stay. At least for a while!
Ticket to Heaven is a Danish company, founded by Hans Peter Hoeg Larsen in the beginning of the nineties. The first jackets and coats was designed in Mr Hoeg Larsens private dining room. Today Ticket to Heaven has become one of the leading brands within functional outerwear for children in Europe – and the company employ more than 30 people.
Ticket to Heaven offers a complete collection of outerwear/ski wear for children with all kinds of accessories, boots etc. Rain wear and rubber boots are also available in a full range of colours. Finally, jeans wear is a third pillar in the range – designed in a classic sporty look.
Ticket to Heaven is distributed all over Scandinavia and Northern Europe and you can find Ticket to Heaven in more than 600 stores around Europe. Ticket to Heaven owns 2 concept stores in Denmark and Sweden and 1 outlet store in Copenhagen.

I’ve been searching the net for a UK based online-shop that stock Ticket to Heavens fabulous collection, without much success. However I know a lovely online-shop, CPH Stories, based in Denmark, that for a reasonable price will ship to the UK.

As the weather forecast is predicting more snow and freezing degrees, you might want to check out their great bargains today!
Ticket to heaven snowsuit that will keep your baby and child protected from water, wind and the freeze, now on sale, from £74

Is your child ready for the snow?
Photos: Ticket to Heaven by CPH Stories

3 thoughts on “Ticket to Heaven on sale

  1. Hi Amanda. The post in question is from 2012. So the store may have changed name etc since then. For Ticket to Heaven, try their company website to find retailers in the UK. Best, Bianca

  2. Does anyone have the web address for CPH stores as mentioned on this page regarding ticket to heaven stores that for a reasonable price do ship to the UK? As all I get on a google search is an airport website and there’s no purchase option for clothing?

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