Fastelavn – Fastelavnsboller and Semlor Recipe

Our Best Recipe for Fastelavnsboller Fastelavn is a Nordic holiday celebrated on Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday. There are many different varieties of Fastelavnsboller recipes. Below is a basic recipe, for you to customise with marmelade, marzipan, whipped cream or custard – as you prefer. Ingredients:The sweet buns150 gr butter5 dl milk or water50 gr fresh …

Scandinavia’s Mardi Gras – How to celebrate Fastelavn like a Scandi!

Scandinavia’s Mardi Gras ‘Fastelavn’ is celebrated on the Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday, based on the Roman Catholic tradition of celebrating the days before Lent. It’s above everything a celebration for the children, with a carnival, sweet treats and decorations. Read on to see how to celebrate Fastelavn like a Scandinavian!